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203 Watt Xbox 360 Power Supply

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203W Xbox 360 Power Supply Your Xbox 360 console has an external fan-assisted power supply unit (PSU). The PSU has a hard-wired direct-current (DC) power supply cord that attaches to the console and an alternating-current (AC) power cord that attaches to the wall socket. Power supplies are designed to be used only in the region where they are sold. Do not try to use an Xbox 360 power supply that was built for a region that has different power requirements. Do not use an unlicensed accessory, such as a non-Microsoft replacement power supply or any accessory that plugs in between the Xbox 360 console and the power supply. There are several versions of the original Xbox 360 power supply. Depending on the power requirements of your Xbox 360 console, the console package might have included a 203-watt power supply, a 175-watt power supply, or a 150-watt power supply. Note The power supplies used by the original Xbox 360 console are not compatible with the Xbox 360 S console. The Xbox 360 S console uses only a 135-watt power supply. The connector on the end of your power supply is keyed to fit into Xbox 360 consoles with which the power supply is compatible. If the power supply cord will not plug into your Xbox 360 console, make sure that the power supply is the correct kind for your Xbox 360 console. Note These are the maximum dimensions of the Xbox 360 power supply. Some power supply units are shorter in length but have the same capabilities. Do not use the Xbox 360 external power supply outside the country where the power supply was sold. If you use the power supply in a different country, the power supply or your Xbox 360 console may be damaged and the warranty may be invalidated. The Xbox 360 power supply contains an internal fuse that helps protect your console from too-high voltage and from power surges. However, the PSU is a sealed unit. Therefore, you cannot replace the internal fuse. The power supply is rated for of 245 watts of continuous power and 280 watts of maximum power. The DC power supply cord (the cable that is permanently attached to the power supply and that is connected to the Xbox 360 console) may have two gray buttons that must be pressed to release the plug from the Xbox 360 console housing.

  • Model: 203W Xbox 360 Power Supply
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  • Manufactured by: Microsoft XBox 360 Repair Part

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