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150 Watt Xbox 360 Power Supply

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Replacement 150 Watt Xbox 360 Power Supply


Your Xbox 360 uses an external power supply to get its power. Without this power supply, the Xbox 360 is just a box. If you have lost your power supply or it is showing error codes, the Console Doctor can ease your gaming pains by replacing your power supply quickly and efficiently.

The 150 watt power supply works with some Xbox 360 consoles, and if you are not sure of which you need, you can use this handy guide. If you are still unsure of which replacement power supply you need, the 203 Watt power supply is compatible with all Xbox 360s except for the Xbox 360 slim.

The 150W replacement power supply brick plugs directly into your wall socket using an AC adapter power cord which measures 1.8 meters (approx. 5 feet, 9 inches) long. The power supply brick then plugs into your Xbox 360 console using a detachable direct current (DC) power cord which measures 1.1 meters (approx. 5 feet, 9 inches) long. Handy tip: plug your power supply into a wall socket rather than a power bar to help keep it from overheating.

The power supply brick is equipped with both an internal fuse to protect against power surges and an internal fan to keep it running smoothly during gaming marathons. Make sure to keep your power supply in a well-ventilated area to allow the fan to do its job, and avoid placing the power supply in an enclosed space or near other hot electronics. There is nothing worse than having your best gaming run ever be interrupted by your power supply shutting off and your television screen going black.

The 150W replacement power supply is specifically designed for United States standard input and output, and you should check before using it in any country other than the one it is designed for. Different countries sometimes require different input and outputs, and this can damage your replacement 150W power supply.


  • Measures 8.42 x 3.03 x 2.13 inches (approx. 21.4 x 7.7 x 5.4 cm)
  • Direct Current power supply which connects directly to your Xbox 360
  • The DC power supply cord is 1.1 meters or approximately 3 feet 6 inches long
  • Alternating current power cord and AC adapter measuring 1.8 meters long (approximately 5 feet, 9 inches)
  • Input: 100-127V, 47-63HZ
  • Output: 120W, 12V --- 9.6A, 5Vsb --- 1A 150W
  • Power supply LED light status codes of:
    • Green: power supply functioning well
    • Orange: power supply on standby
    • Red: power supply is malfunction or has an error
  • Specially designed proprietary power connector which is permanently attached to the end of the DC power supply cord and allows you to plug the 150W replacement power supply into any of the newer Xbox 360 except the Xbox 360 slim
  • The Xbox 360 replacement power supply unit is meant for usage inside of the country it was sold. Using the power supply in a country which has different voltage can result in a damaged Xbox 360 power supply and console.
  • To protect from power surges and high voltage, the 150 watt power supply contains an internal fuse which safeguards your console against voltages of up to 245 watts of continuous usage and power surges of up to 280 watts.
  • Keep power supply in well-ventilated area

  • Model: 150 Watt Xbox 360 Power Supply
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  • Manufactured by: Microsoft XBox 360 Repair Part

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