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PS3 Power Supply Replacements

Replacement Internal Power Supplies for your Sony Playstation 3 (PS3). Are you not receiving any power to your mother board? No red light on your I/O board when your console is plugged? It is fairly common for the internal power supply of a Playstation 3 to go bad.

We recommend that you replace your PS3 power supply with the exact same model number. However, here is some quick compatibility information. All aluminum PS3 power supplies are compatible (APS-226, APS-227, APS-231), all PS3 Slim models are compatible (APS-250, APS-270, etc), and if you have black PS3 power supply from a fat PS3 (APS-239, APS-240), be sure to count the number of pins on the wire connection prior to ordering.

Learn how to replace a PS3 Power Supply. Click here.

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