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Posted by Travis Grant On December - 27 - 2013 50 Comments
Xbox One vs. Xbox 360 Controller Comparison

We’ve spent dozens of hours with the Xbox One controller. So how does it stack up to its predecessor?
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Side by side comparison of the Xbox One controller and the Xbox 360 controller. We put an Xbox One controller and an Xbox 360 controller side by side to see …

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50 Responses

  1. bustyjusty2 says:

    I have a xbox 360 and got a PS4, I think I want to change to Xbox One. I
    don’t like the PS4.

  2. Corey Eacret says:

    The only part I disagree with is the battery pack. I admit not including
    rechargeable batteries is a bummer, but not forcing you to replace the
    whole damn controller when the batter dies is a far bigger bummer. My PS3
    controller has long since been dead, and has to be plugged in to use.
    Considering the length of the cable it comes with, that means I have to sit
    pretty damn close. I would rather change packs, then whole controllers

  3. TheTKC says:

    eh I still think the GameCube pad is the most comfortable controller ever

  4. Jesse Cormier says:

    They lost me when they said it was the best controller ever. PS4′s is much
    better, and I’ve felt both months ago. Being a normal human beings with
    proper hands, I like my thumb sticks in the same place. Asymmetrical
    controls by definition and even not, can never be perfect. 

  5. MrLightstudios says:

    I love the new controller 

  6. Tommohawked says:

    I personally cheaped out and got a Rock Candy 360 controller for my PC
    gaming needs, but frankly I actually prefer the hard plastic control sticks
    for the simple reason that they’re not going to wear out like every Xbox
    360 controller thumbsticks do, even though they’re less grippy as a result.
    Plus the d-pad is decent, and the buttons are on-par. The only overly
    cheap-feeling components are the bumpers and triggers.

    I’ll probably still upgrade it to a Xbox One or PS4 controller later down
    the track though, but I do love my Rock Candy.

  7. iPlayiOS says:

    Either one beats the Dualshock 4 haha. Great job MS. If it ain’t broke,
    don’t fix it. But you improved what was already superior. <3 MS.

  8. imkreative says:

    Definitely loving the new controller. I haven’t used the standard Xbox 360
    gamepad in a while. Been using my custom Gears controller or PDP one and
    the D Pad is dope on those.

    Also, I really thought everyone had rechargeable batteries at this point in
    time. If not its still super cheap and you can always stay wireless.

  9. UKJamez says:

    By far the best review to a consumer out there.

    Problem with Rechargeable packs are that they get less and less efficient
    after every use. After a couple years of recharging weekly they just don’t
    last, and buying a new pack might be more expensive compared to just a pack
    of rechargeable Duracell’s.
    As long as the batteries slip in and out of the controller with complete
    ease i will be satisfied.

  10. silas stewart says:

    so many gay ps4 fanboys xD
    + it took microsoft over 10million dollars to invent the controller and
    over 11000 people that tested it and the us army use the xbox controlers
    for drones ;) so id thinkt the ps4 controller is not better!! so i think

  11. rtwilson says:

    Best thing about the new xbox console to be honest.

  12. lozerisdead999 says:

    Whereas I can see why some people prefer the asymmetrical thumbsticks,
    seeing how many times out right hand will come off the stick to focus on
    buttons that will be around the same general area of where our left thumb
    will be, OR because they son’t want their thumbs coming to close into
    contact, I prefer the Ps4 simply because I like the feel of mirrored or
    side by side movements between my thumbs. The Ps4 controller for me is
    better just because of it’s little innovations with the touchpad and new
    triggers. and it looks very nice IMO, but that’s not to say the Xbox one
    controller isn’t nice, I just haven’t gotten my hands on it :) 

  13. Angel Varela Faroppa says:

    best joystick ever!

  14. Matthew Bradley says:

    Looks brilliant but it really needs:
    A speaker (you’ll never go back after having a speaker on a Wii U
    GamePad-sounds great)
    And an accelerometer as I love the accelerometer in the Wii U pad. I may
    sound like a fanboy and I recognise that the Wii U controller (and system)
    isn’t the best out there but Nintendo got a HELL of a lot right.

  15. KingTien says:

    nothing has changed, xbone go home

  16. bustamove orelse says:

    New controller is so cool. I like the battery thing, Ps4′s like a phone
    battery. In the beginning you charge it and lasts ages but the battery
    wares out and eventually you’ll be charging it every 3 hours. my guess

  17. Liam Smith says:

    What is this RB and LB button being crap? 

  18. AHeadC says:

    People saying that sticks on the Playstation are better located than on the
    Xbox need their heads testing lol.

  19. Babin K says:

    My biggest issue with the xbox 360 controllers were the rubbers on the
    analog sticks wore off VERY quickly…especially the one on the left
    primary analog stick…

  20. FPSing says:

    Xbox ONE controller is terrible, I hate it so much, the RB and LB buttons
    are so bad.

  21. DrMundy says:

    Changes of Xbox Controller :
    -Repainted Black
    -Changed Position of Xbox Home button.

  22. Tard1s2 says:

    i think that the battery pack was the least of my worries

  23. SURGE1898 says:

    I love the battery set up, it’s needs be said that it’s preference instead.

  24. Robert Lyons says:

    The ps4 doesn’t play mp3. The only way to play music on ps4 is to pay for
    Music unlimited, now that blew my mind

  25. Rakurai Kitsune says:

    To everyone complaining about not having internal batteries, you would
    regret the internal batteries down the road. Here’s the Reason why, all
    rechargeable batteries can only be recharged so many times before they
    can’t hold enough charge to work, sure it may take years for it to happen,
    but what do you think is cheaper? replacing a couple rechargeable AA’s
    every few years, or replacing your entire controller every few years?

  26. spenca97 says:

    The bumpers are worse, they’re hard to press.

  27. mrryantheeditor says:

    It was really comfortable when get in touch with it. The thing that I hated
    was the fucking d-pad. Having troubles with it when playing Dead Rising 3
    (with the D-pad). And about DR 3…It was really confusing getting in

  28. Daniel Bailey says:

    Why wouldent they make the new standard controller there own version of the
    scuff controller. Cause those guys at scuff are making a fortune???

  29. Nubyrc says:

    LMAO talk about being tricked into buying the exact same thing over again!

    This is such a rip off and you idiots know it!

  30. nuggz503 says:

    This would be akin to when speed control and different pulse patterns were
    introduced to traditional woman’s dilldo. Where before it was just go hard
    or go home but now its a whole new different adventure with different
    twists and turns, if you will. X D

  31. GhostCode RG says:

    +larryboy2222 ahh fanboyism, who cares about it as long as its responsive i
    dont care if the game shoots or walks when i press the button and it works
    then im good

  32. b0ris360 says:

    the 360 controller feels way better. The bumber buttons are harder to press
    on the new one too. I can’t play anywhere near as good with the new pad.

  33. DevinDatKid says:

    I finally got to hold an xbox one controller today and I like the sticks
    with the groves on the side but the bumpers suck and I dont like were they
    put the xbox button and it kinda hurt my palms I deff prefer the ps4
    controller but thats just me 

  34. MELVIN Trent says:

    If you guys are hatin we know you play ps4

  35. Param Vala says:

    i got ps4 and xbox one both fun

  36. Sanat Kasinathuni says:

    Sorry ace.

  37. Raquan Cruz says:

    360 controllers are still better…

  38. lumane shaw says:

    Xbox 360 has alot of games u can choose from Xbox one only has 5 or 10
    games 360 is better nd with the designs nd dashboards Xbox one and 360 is
    the same thing have the same everything 

  39. christian says:

    i bought a xbox one today my controller like freezes or something i turn it
    off and on and then it works again for like five seconds then it freezes
    and i do the same thing over again i changed batteries still the same
    thing anybody know why please answer

  40. clanshadow2 says:

    I prefer 360 controller

  41. Rekreated1 says:

    improvements count for nothing,came from an xboxone live event and was
    shocked at your new improved controller which seemed to creak and fold
    under pressure as i held it during a cod ghosts multiplayer match.I
    certainly did not like the trigger rumble in relation to forza 5 under
    braking as it felt some what unnatural and gimmicky.From my perspective as
    a gamer the 360 pad is the superior of the two and i am willing to stand by
    that decision regardless of the backlash i will receive in relation to my

  42. Jonathan Garner says:

    I like how they improved the dpad, the smaller battery space, and analog
    sticks but that other stuff wasn’t really selling it for me. I think I
    still prefer the 360 controller. Seems like MS has gone back to their roots
    with a controller that looks fat. I don’t like the new triggers or and
    could care less about the share buttons or the rumble features. 

  43. agil gila says:


  44. adam xbox Ali-A BEST says:

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  45. Dean Oxley says:

    xbone ima let you finish but the 360 controller is one of the best
    controllers of all time 

  46. Noah C Kent says:

    Gaming starts at the controller. A comfortable controller is a must. I went
    from PSOne, PS2, to Xbox 360 because of the controller.

    First I look at the controller, then I see what the console can do. Does it
    fit in with my play style. Xbox 360 also introduced me to installing games
    to the harddrive, so I won’t have to play games off the drive, just needs
    it for initial boot up of the game. No memory cards, yet you can save and
    backup your information on flashdrives. Also it is nice to know that I can
    still use a wired controller. Not a fan of buying batteries.

    It could go either way this time. Yet I will wait a little longer for more
    concrete information as the consoles are in the wild and being used by the
    public. If there is more information, the community will reveal it.

  47. Kakashi Hatake says:

    360 is better

  48. Statzer x says:

    Can you do this “test” at home with your controller?

  49. Steve Oh says:

    So we will be able to play it in wired mode with a USB ( micro/std.) cable?

  50. Tyrone Biggums says:

    I agree with classic !!!

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