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Posted by Travis Grant On December - 29 - 2013 17 Comments
Xbox 720 Durango Specs Leaked, Full Breakdown Of New Console – May Be Less Powerful Than PS4

For the FULL list of ALL known components head over to our website at:
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17 Responses

  1. Aceng Fikri says:

    GDDR 5, not DDR 5

  2. DigitalReactors says:

    i hope if the xbox 720 if it is real you can play with people from the 360.
    I also hope its not a new console just a update to the 360 cause they just
    came out with the new slim a year ago.Plus ps3 doesnt compete with the 360,
    microsoft won they dont need to win again.

  3. mark callow says:

    Very well done

  4. bengalboy says:

    please silent the audio of halo ! it makes ur voice Indiscernible.

  5. ChronicCoding says:

    Don’t forget when your buying millions of the units it greatly reduces
    price and Sony/Micro$ also get special discounts from amd

  6. Shox. says:

    The Console won’t have downclocked 7970ms. Its too powerful of a card for
    console. If they plan to get this to the market for under $1000 then it
    wont have a 7970m. The price of the 7970m is roughly $545. Even considering
    MS will be buying in bulk they still wont fit a console with this GPU for
    under $500.

  7. UntouchableSmokeyIII says:

    Not trying to offend anybody but why even post a video about Xbox?
    Afterall, it is exactly what it is called a box, and as worthless as one.
    It will be a fail like the 360 was. Playstation will always dominate the
    gaming world.

  8. obielicious says:

    Microsoft won? Playstation 3 launched a year later than Xbox 360 and has
    sold MORE consoles to date than the 360.

  9. Gui Deandrade says:

    haha, looks like Darwinism failed here

  10. jlehr2112 says:

    ps2′s age was the big advantage in previous gen. By the time xbox released
    it already had an enormous installed base. For next gen I’m more interested
    in who has the better toolsets. Raw execution power does not equal better
    games. The overall developer friendly architecture and ecosystem is more
    important. Current gen game budgets and dev time have just been killing off
    the mid-tier companies.

  11. Aint1S says:

    Haha, I won’t leave vista x64 Ultimate until they ditch that idea.

  12. Aceng Fikri says:

    That was 2 year ago bro read newspaper, they just recently announce the
    sales for this month and sold more then XBOX even they lunch the console
    one year late compare then XBOX, and btw XBOX in Japan is death now.

  13. Dean Calaway says:

    Next time lower the BC noise to a minimum.

  14. TheOneWhoisDrunk says:

    You may want 1TB Hard Drive but they are quite expensive, especially when
    it comes to the 2.5″ form factor Link:
    newegg(dot)com/Product/Product(dot)aspx?Item=N82E16822148710 Although
    buying these in bulk, lets say 50 million units, the price would be greatly

  15. Shox. says:

    No, I am talking about the 7970m. 7970m chips are not $100, no high end
    mobile chips are $100. What source?

  16. chosenxeno says:

    In Japan. What Microsoft has been able to do without Japan is amazing.
    Japan is just supporting their home team. They also seem to be going me

  17. symobin74 says:

    Microsft sold more them ps3 xbox won once again

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