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Posted by Travis Grant On April - 27 - 2014 25 Comments
XBox 360 Red Ring of Death Repair Tutorial – Easy Fix!

XBox 360 Red Ring of Death Repair Tutorial - Easy Fix!

Part 3 of 3 – The Reveal – It Works!!! Easy tutorial on how anyone can fix their XBOX 360 with 3 Red Lights Of Death (Red Ring Of Death) Using this easy and …

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25 Responses

  1. rene monegro says:

    Thank you excellent

  2. SkyHigH says:

    Man I should have came over to your video before I bought a new xbox
    anyways thanks alot It works now. I didn’t think it would have but ur a
    saver. Time to head over to ur poker site. I love u man!!

  3. sinanalo says:

    Dude you are amazing! you saved me! I did everything you said and it

  4. eth1128 says:

    Didn’t work :(

  5. TheSynthProject says:

    If this works i will go to your poker site!

  6. TheTrevor627 says:

    hey doc i didn have any elctrical tape so i just put the maxi pads back on
    do i need to have the pennys on there??????

  7. beta0blaster says:

    who actually went and played poker?

  8. willysoulbrotha says:

    Yeh man it is easy I just followed every step and it worked, I didn’t even
    have to towel trick/reset afterwords. Forgot to play poker but thanks!

  9. MinistryOfEntertain says:

    Hey, i got four red lights which turned into green like yours, but when i
    off and on again it turned back to four again. does it matters?

  10. Matrixman2015 says:

    Xbox handbook: do not attempt to repair or take apart xbox. Microsoft does
    not want you tinkering with their products.

  11. imaboss347 says:

    niceeeeeeeeeeee but u gottan stop saying my poker web site nobody fucking
    cares about that

  12. Mastersmeg says:

    @jvmc08 Although the quality of the hardware could be much higher in the
    systems today, the reason they tend to fail is the intense temperatures
    produced in a tiny box which leads to most of the problems they encounter.
    With the older systems like the n64and the Snes produced very little heat
    even after hours of gameplay.

  13. Atragichope1 says:

    Worked great! Can’t find the poker site?

  14. Monica Mon says:

    i hve a feeling this wont work, ive took it all apart, and put it back
    together just waiting to reset it by wrapping it in towls atm been on this
    for two days now

  15. trenchline says:

    It worked great! Thanks!

  16. Kyle Claudio says:

    Holy $&@* dude it worked thannk you so much ur the man I’ve got to get ur
    gamer tag

  17. Aidan Truscott says:

    God he talks about his poker a lot!

  18. Shalashaska315 says:

    I’m not sure why, but I have this urge to play poker right now.

  19. superentertainer99 says:

    how many towels

  20. Monica Mon says:

    its actually worked, took me two days to get the stuff i needed , thanks :)

  21. kavonalston says:

    Yo man nobody want to go to that damn poker site

  22. Matrixman2015 says:

    are you seriously not able to handle a goddamn joke?

  23. oneshot2killl says:


  24. Rob Lattig says:

    what does he mean when he says “dont forget where that came from” is there
    different ones of those tiny silver screws?

  25. Michael Anderson says:

    dude i need help it did not fix mine

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