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Posted by Travis Grant On April - 25 - 2014 25 Comments
Xbox 360 power brick supply repair

This might not work for everyone but figure it would post. Playing game it it just quit. Have not had any issues before this. Wiggled power cord at power bri…
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25 Responses

  1. Flaming Freeman says:

    my power brick fried because of being suffocated, anyone here know if that
    couldve damaged my xbox console?

  2. Holly Horoff says:

    @fgsufg : I just had this problem and the idiots at gamestop only had one
    and it wasn’t compatible to my model. Don’t waste time with gamestop, try
    independent game stores first.

  3. DJ-CURLY says:

    i was trying to fix my xbox 360 with the red ring of death when i plugged
    it in to try it the light on the power brick went red and the xbox wont
    turn on because of it. so i tried to open the power brick so i took out the
    screws but the cheap built piece of crap wont open

  4. drew lee says:

    Mine wont turn on help me please or post a comment on my channel

  5. Elijah Mitchell says:

    theres in easier way just blow in 2 your power brike if dust come out keep
    doing it intill it do when its all out pluge it back up in it will work

  6. TheLivingGodIV says:

    i cant find my fuse. my power brick is a 2008 model. is there a fuse on
    this model?

  7. Smurfffie says:

    @Gum145 Its mostly microsoft. They are an pain in the ass…

  8. cgarrand1 says:

    Remind me not to let you work on my computer , I don’t think it could
    handle a beating on bricks and concrete :) J.K I know some of these things
    can be a pain in the A** to disassemble .

  9. robocopy2 says:

    Thank you very much, it was very usegull for me. With yout help I repaired
    my Brick!

  10. RiouInsuiko says:

    @ROBERTGUERO I thought the video was informative. I have to say.. why the
    hell are you so defensive? You work for a living.. so do 6 billion other
    people around the world. What I’m getting from this is.. you’re one of
    those folk’ who expect the same respect and courtesy you’d recieve in the
    real world over the internet. You’ll never get it, so don’t stake your
    claim every time a troll comes around. That being said, I’m not attacking
    you or anything, just explaining. I did leave the vid a like.

  11. xZeno says:

    How do yoyu unscrew that stuff

  12. gqkushington says:

    I’m selling Xbox power cord Falcon Power cord on ebay contact my ebay id @

  13. dominic brown says:

    I just turned mine on and off and it works no joke and it works for hours

  14. Tim Salvatore says:

    LOL my power brick is a 2006 MODEL


    @football72linemen He’s helping us u fucking cunt (jeez what’s wrong with
    idiots today)

  16. dissimulii says:

    props to you. a little know-how and a big fuck it attitude, just like the
    MS employee who designed this shit, hell yours is probably better now,
    minus the tool/concrete marks. pfff, just buy a new one? why the fuck would
    you pay for another one without at least smashing the old one open and
    seeing what’s up? “hurrr ionno i just like wasting my money” who’s the real

  17. CrawlingCoconut says:

    at least the power brick isn’t on the end of the cable as the plug….

  18. n8roa2009 says:

    Get to the point

  19. thelaughcrewify says:

    you know bill gates is so to say the richest man alive…. you dnt think he
    can invest a little more money to try and fix this problem cmon seriously!!!

  20. xWhiteDem0nx says:

    It looks like a freaking hamster chewed it, not you!

  21. Hardwick0ne says:

    $15.00 free shipping on ebay. $39.99 at game stop no waiting for it to be
    mailed. Smash your power supply on the concrete to open it and in return
    burning your house down after you plug it in. Priceless!

  22. football72linemen says:

    @PRODIGYCENTRAL hes still a fucking caveman

  23. Quantum0700 says:

    @narezul Then why do you own one? XD If you want it done right, do it
    yourself. Build a gaming PC. Only about 2-3 times as much money for
    something ten times as reliable and a hundred times more useful. And with
    infinitely higher performance. Unless your sense in purchasing optimal
    parts is equal to that of an autistic chimpanzee, you should be fine.
    Remember, zero-force insertion! :D

  24. XxGoldenXXChildxX says:

    Fuck PLAYSTATION and you Pointless fucking Bluray player. Such a waste of
    money if theres no good games and I have yet to see a PS3 game that
    surpasses the greatness of the HALO series. Now Bring on the H8 Mail

  25. homegrown shaolin says:

    @Quantum0700 oh when did that happen it was still made when he was in
    charge i dont care either way its a garbage system its fucking criminal how
    bad it is

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