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Posted by Travis Grant On December - 3 - 2013 50 Comments
Wii U – Super Mario 3D World E3 Trailer

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Like Wii U on Facebook: Like Nintendo on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses

  1. Jonnathan Sosa says:

    The E3 trailer is boring…
    The game itself is fantastic!

  2. Ahmed Acosta Ayala says:

    Does this game compared like Super Mario 3D Land? Like the gameplay,
    power-ups, ect.?

  3. PresStarToPlay says:

    Why didn’t they keep the music like this in the final game??? D:

  4. BBGameGuy says:

    And to think when some skeptical fans watched this they thought… New
    Mario, bit like 3D Land, nothing special…

    Now the game has a 93 score on Metacritic… You were fools…

  5. Mega Man says:

    First Reaction: A Mario game where the princess ISN’T kidnapped?! This game
    will be awesome. 

  6. Flame8765 says:

    I’m lovn’ me some beta elements in this trailer <3

  7. Epic Whale says:

    Nintendo, your killing me by making so many good games that i dont

  8. Olilandros O'Neal says:

    look at this video

  9. kirbydude47 says:

    I want a Wii U

  10. Nuno Martins says:

    this trailer doesnt do this game justice. The game is much better as the
    latter trailers show. Same thing with donkey kong

  11. Nintendo Gal Channel says:

    This game is super awesome and outstanding, I don’t know why, but it sorta
    made me sad that Bowser was going to hurt Peach : ( yeaaaaaaaa if anyone
    is going to say something negative please don’t reply, if its positive
    please feel free to reply

  12. 436068 says:

    Amazing N64 effects… nope, just joking. 

  13. Jorge Sanchez says:


  14. Gold Bananas says:

    How come I was the only watching this trailer 5 times day for 2 weeks in
    June??? Was I the only one hyped for #SM3DW ??? Then again, I love every
    Mario game and the reason I bought a Wii U is because of Mario U.

  15. Gamerboy64 says:

    When fans saw this trailer, we were all so confused……. (Even I was) but
    as more and more was reveled, fans began to get more excited about the
    game. This proves that even with Mario games, sadness and confusion can
    turn into joy and fun.

  16. MusicInYaFace says:

    I don’t really know what to think about this game. I haven’t played it yet
    so I can’t really give a rating or criticize here but my first thoughts
    aren’t that great. Don’t get me wrong, this game looks nice too and it’s
    surely fun to play. But I still miss any new Mario adventure game such as
    Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, Galaxy and Galaxy 2 where you don’t have that
    “Mario World” feeling.

  17. spiderdimensions says:

    hey the football koopa players are back!!!!!!!!

  18. spiderdimensions says:

    hey nintendo here is a great idea for a mario game: Super Mario 64 HD :D

  19. Angel Bolaños says:

    more than 10000 likes… ITS THE MARIO GAME PEOPLE WANTED… nuff said.

  20. Chistopher Wagle says:

    Let me correct you; it isn’t the Mario-game the 552 haters of this game
    wanted. And, how do YOU know if it is disapointing when YOU haven’t played
    it yet? That’s just making you sound like a MarioFanBoys3…

  21. Madman says:

    Yes please kill that faggot. This is not the mario game I wanted but kill
    that faggot anyways.

  22. Shawn Pringle says:

    get a grip. it’s just someone’s opinion.

  23. SSGSuperSonicGaming says:

    Super Mario World… IN 3D!!!

  24. DJWaffleston says:

    “It isn’t the Mario game people wanted”. So you’re already telling us it’s
    disappointing, yet you have had no experience with playing it, but you tell
    him HE sounds like a fanboy for defending a game he has never touched.
    You’re one of the stupidest, most idiotic cliched hypocrites I’ve ever seen
    on these Nintendo comments trying to prove shit that doesn’t contain
    reasonable arguments. Go back to fucking elementary and TRY AGAIN. You
    haven’t the brains to function, you need education all over.

  25. Ben Rinehart says:

    This doesnt look very good, im hoping for a mario sunshine 2 :3

  26. Paul Consales says:

    petite demo

  27. GameDjeenie says:

    I really hope Aquatic ambience will make a comeback <3

  28. syks says:

    looks pritty good but am i the only one who wants a fully 3d version of
    donkey kong???? getting a bit fed up of playing 2d games on my wii
    u…seems like lazy devs to me…ahhhh well i geuss ill still buy it :) 

  29. Camille S-M says:

    All the games I want are all coming out at the same time! I want this game
    too, it comes out just a week after Mario 3d World. And two weeks after NFS
    Rivals, Battlefield 4, and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.

    I should just control the impulse and buy it after I’m done with one of the
    4 listed games above.

  30. blakeandcamp says:

    Doesn’t have the same atmosphere that made the original DKC games great,
    but at least they kind of kept the music.

  31. masterflapdrol says:

    I’m disappointed by the graphics. The wiiUcan do more

  32. Soph H says:

    R.i.p. nintendo wii :(

  33. Zlatko Basic says:

    Best graphics i ever seen on donkey kong i’m gonna get this game.

  34. maxsonly says:

    Looks great, I never play the first might actually pick this one up.

  35. SomeFluffer1964 says:

    I’m gonna call it right now. the fourth playable character will be Donkey
    Kong Jr!

  36. Khoa Phạm says:

    I hope 3DS will have a port of this game next year :D .

  37. emperorshark888 says:

    Heres the way i see this

    Rare: Original dkc trilogy

    Retro: New dkc trilogy

    and to the complaining fans, i don’t think they have plans for a 3d donkey

  38. Todor Toshkov says:

    The graphics OMG !!!!!!!! Christmas is coming :D 

  39. Robert Conners says:


  40. dylanius aurelius says:

    something about the music Nintendo makes for these games kinda makes me

  41. Felipe Pereira says:

    Donkey kong country:The kremlings are back.I want

  42. teddy susan says:

    the graphic still suck… snes version is the best

  43. billy maze says:

    Copy pasting a copy pasted series???
    GENIUS!!! -_-

  44. Kookiris says:

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    ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/ This tank & Bob are against Google+
    Il███████████████████]. /▌ Copy and Paste this all over
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  45. 30noir says:

    A 2D side scroller? Way to go Nintendo. Always innovating…

  46. Patrick Star says:

    ☻/ ☻
    ▌ ¬– ▌
    / /
    I know what you’re thinking, punk. You’re thinking “did he fire six shots
    or only five?” Now to tell you the truth I forgot myself in all this
    excitement. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in
    the world and will blow you head clean off, you’ve gotta ask yourself a
    question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?

  47. carl1223 says:

    Whats the name of the music that plays throughout the trailer? 

  48. TheKnightguard1 says:

    I’ve heard a million N64-era gamers weeping for something wonderful
    apparently missing from “the Nintendo of today”. Am I the only one who
    doesn’t see eye-to-eye with them * points at the above trailer *.

  49. generalgrievous67 says:

    Donkey Kong Country Returns was to me the BEST PLATFORMER I’VE EVER PLAYED!
    Yes, I’ve said that, I’m sorry but I loved it, it’ so fresh, replayable and
    tons of collectables fun and perfect platforming!

  50. MCONERACER says:

    Im a playstation fan a say Nintendo is Top make good games.

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