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Wii U:  Meet the World

Wii U: Meet The World

It is time to meet the world. Wii U is the new generation of the Wii U consoles. It’s going to be better, faster, more powerful and more in tune with the new technologies and trends. I’m going to show you what you can expect from this state of the art gaming console.

The information regarding the specs of the Wii U console is not yet officially released but the official release will not be greatly different from what I’m going to show you.  Hopefully, the Wii U is sturdier than the Original Wii.


The CPU for the new Wii U is made especially for this console. The CPU is part of the PowerPc CPU architecture and it is being produced by IBM. It will be an extremely fast processor with 4 cores that will generate 3 GHz.

Wii U Graphics

Wii U chose AMD instead of Intel when it comes to its graphics processor. It’s an ATI based GPU or graphics processor. The RAM memory will be used both by the graphics processor and by the CPU. The Wii U GPU is rumored to be inspired by the Radeon HD 5000.

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The amount of Wii U RAM memory added will be 768 MBs or 1 GB. The RAM memory is like the short term working memory in humans. Think about working on something that’s mentally demanding. Let’s say that you want to write your CV. During the writing process you can’t really concentrate on anything else. This is because most likely you don’t have to write CVs every day and this is why you have to use your short term memory to keep track of what you want to write. As a result, you have to keep many things in your mind at the same time.

Computers and game consoles work in the same way. Meet The World Nintendo Wii U! The RAM memory of a gaming platform is like your short term memory which helps you keep in your mind many things at once. When you play a game, the console will keep a lot of data related to your game in its RAM memory. If the game uses a lot of graphic effects and does a lot of computation, it will require a lot of RAM memory to run smoothly.

Wii U:  Meet the World.  Multiple wiis with a super mario demo

Wii U Disc Drive

The Wii U disc drive will be based on the Blu-ray technology without supporting the playback of Blu-ray or DVD movies. The size of the disc will be 25 GBs or multiples of 25 GBs. The disc drive will be used for streaming movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu Plus and other similar online video streaming services.

Flash Storage

Besides the disc drive, there will be a 8 GBs of flash storage. Flash storage is more expensive and it has a lower lifetime of usage. On the other hand, flash storage loads faster when the machine starts and it can retrieve data faster. It will mostly be used for frequent operations that require speed like saving games, apps, game profiles and downloaded games.

SD Cards and USB

The Wii U will have a SD card slot and at least a USB port for external storage. Especially the USB storage will come quite handy to people who want to bring new games on their console.

Wii U meet the World.  Pokemon on the Wii u.  Its only a demo


This new Wii U doesn’t come with a completely new software. It will still support older versions of the software, games and apps.

Video Output

The Wii U console will output HD videos with the following resolutions: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i.

The Wii U will be an improved version of the popular Wii gaming console. I believe that many people will enjoy it. Wii U will be released in North America and Europe in the fourth quarter of 2012. Learn more about the new Wii U gaming console and get your hands on it! Meet The World Nintendo Wii U!

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