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 Cheap And High Quality Role Playing Games

Wicked Dead is a company that publishes roleplaying games. These are games that involve simulating a certain character role in the game. Probably the most popular roleplaying game out there is Diablo 2. It’s a fun game to play that lets you upgrade a character until it becomes more powerful than the bad guys from the game.

Here’s what you have to know about the Wicked Dead Brewing Company:

#1: It was founded in 2004.

Wicked Dead:  Play Dirty RPG

John Wick and Jared Sorensen founded this company in 2004. Since 2004, the company published many role playing games like for example Cat, Thirty, Alien Gods, Discordia! and many other successful roleplaying games.

#2: The purpose of the company is to produce high quality and low cost roleplaying games.

Wicked Dead:  Blood and Tears RPG

This was a market that wasn’t well satisfied by the existing games publishing houses. Roleplaying gamers like to try out different games and they are frustrated when they have to go through many games out there to find the few nuggets of gold. Most roleplaying games out there aren’t worth the effort.

#3: This company doesn’t steal from its artists.

The game producers should definitely keep the rights to their games. This publishing company only buys the rights to advertise the games and to print the cover of the games themselves. This shows that the company treats game creators with respect and lets them keep all of their work. The game producers pay for a service without selling out their company’s products.

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#4: Roleplaying gamers like to test many games.

This is why they order many games. Most of them are advanced players and they don’t need to be told the basics like for example what’s a roleplaying game. This is the target audience of the Wicked Dead company. Every choice made by the company has the purpose to satisfy the needs, wants and desires of these advanced RPG players.

#5: Roleplaying is about entertaining gamers.

Wicked Dead:  Shotgun Diaries RPG

Roleplaying gamers seek an escape in the roleplaying games. These type of games can be compared with the more traditional entertainment channels. The purpose of the game is to produce an entertainment and engaging game without falling into the trap of using higher levels of violence in the game to attract a larger audience.

#6: The roleplaying environment has its own rules.

Wicked Dead:  Discordia RPG

Many large companies don’t get it. They entered this industry to get rich even though the roleplaying market allows only for low profit margins. White Wolf, Decipher and other similar big company hired a bunch of staff members and this is why they start huge project in the hope of making a profit to pay their staff members. The main purpose of the roleplaying games should be to please the gamers and not to focus on making a profit.

#7: The growth strategy is not to grow.

Many well-founded companies have to grow so they can please their investors and venture capitalists. This company is different. It’s committed to maintaining a size of just two people. The roleplaying business should be done for enhancing the quality of the games that are being offered and not just to increase the profits of the companies.

#8: This company has a decisive competitive advantage over its competitors.

Wicked Dead:  Thirty RPG

Customers are looking for cheap and high quality games that are produced quickly. This is the guideline for the games that are published with this company. To make this work, the company has to put ethics before profits. It’s true that in order for a company to survive, it has to make a profit. And the profits are going to be made because the overhead is quite small because there are only two people who work for the company. Plus, the games are sold directly by the company and this means that there’s no middle man to pay.

The Wicked Dead Brewing Company is one of the best games publishing house out there because it cares more about its customers than about making money. I invite you to visit the website of this company and to play a few of the roleplaying games on offer.


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