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Battle Chess.  A Blend of traditional gaming and video gaming

Battle Chess. A blend of traditional gaming and video gaming

The video games are represented by all the games that you can play online, via your PC or laptop or on a gaming platform like Wii or Xbox 360. Traditional gaming is different. It involves playing the games that used to be popular before the advent of personal computers.

Certain people with an authoritarian personality want to tell everyone how to behave and they like to impose rules. One of their favorite rules is to tell others what kind of video games they are allowed to play. They also want to decide which games should be banned.

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Obviously, if people are playing a certain unholy game it means that there’s a demand for it. When there’s demand for something, there will be soon a supply for it as well. Many people will likely break the law to play the game. The same happened when the alcohol prohibition took place in England and the same happens these days with the war on drugs. It’s a complete failure because people who want to do a particular activity will do it anyway regardless of the consequences.

Dr. Stuart Shanker, an international expert on self-regulation, has something important to say about television versus playing video games. After they completed a few scientific studies, he believes that children who watch television and play too many games have their brains affected.

Television makes your brain tune into to the images and sounds coming from the screen. People who watch television don’t use their critical thinking to analyze what happens. They simply receive the information and most often than not, they accept it as it is. Watching television is not a good practice if you want to make your own decisions and improve both your financial and mental aspects.

Dr. Stuart Shanker says that “T.V. is like the electronic version of white sugar.” Most people know that white sugar is not good for their health but they eat it anyway. In the same way, most people know that TV can have a negative impact on themselves but they watch it more than four hours on average anyway. The average daily television watching time in the United States is higher than four hours.

When you play video games, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine has many functions but the most important is that it functions like a reward. This means that the more often you play a certain game, the more likely you are to get a little bit more dopamine released into your brain.

Do you know those addictive and stupid games that millions of people play on Facebook?
Angry birds is one of them. When you play these stupid games, you get a reward almost every couple of seconds. This makes it incredibly addictive.

Each time the bird you throw lands on the ground, your brain responds with a set of chemicals based on the outcome. Dopamine is released in a higher quantity when you succeed in destroying all the pigs and it’s still released but to a lesser degree when the bird hits the ground regardless of the result.

Traditional gaming is much better most of the time. I’m personally into strategy and role playing video games like Battle for Wesnoth, Warcraft, Diablo and others. I do believe that most strategy video games are quite hard to replicate in the world of traditional gaming. And this is why it’s better to play them from time to time.

If you are concerned about the future of your children, you should replace television and video games with a traditional gaming solution. Teach them chess which has clear benefits for improving children’s thinking. There are also different card games that you can either play online or with other people.

Traditional gaming is prefered but you also have to consider that playing online strategy games can improve the intelligence of the players. Both types of entertainment should be used in moderation which means for less than two hours. I encourage you to reduce the amount spent in front of the TV and to eliminate the time spent playing stupid video games like Angry Birds.


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