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Posted by Travis Grant On April - 24 - 2014 25 Comments
Video Game Music Video – Blow Me Away

Copyright: Song: Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin Games: Final Fantasy 13-2. Final Fantasy 7, Star Craft 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Prototype 2, Lost Odyssey, Al…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. SownSky says:

    I love final fantasy and even I have trouble following the story line, and
    when I say trouble, I mean that I have no clue at all whats going on. But
    the graphics are great and the battles are fun.

  2. Daxterismini says:

    This is Amazing

  3. adam dziedzic says:

    That was epic but that last “Do you think we’ll ever meet them?” i lost it

  4. stasik1997 says:

    Another fun fact: it was used in almost every video game music video like
    5+ years ago

  5. Boba Fett says:

    I liked 2:27

  6. RevanTheRevanchist says:

    THIS.IS.AWESOME. thank you for all your amazing videos!

  7. SownSky says:

    Synthesis, although the second time I choose red ending because shepard
    lives in that ending.

  8. SownSky says:

    thank you and I read all my comments

  9. BB2EViper says:

    Beast mode

  10. dragonslaryer200 says:

    dude you should use awake and alive as your next video and the bands name
    is skillet and i well look in to more songs for you to use

  11. mr.killemgaming says:

    I like what lighting did a.2:15

  12. TheWorthingSaga says:

    that thing with the helmet and the timing of the music….thats some freaky
    ass shot sownsky… :)

  13. Ishiyate Hex says:

    Lol XD oh by the way have you put a link to your song request on your

  14. SownSky says:

    doesn’t mean I can not use it

  15. SownSky says:

    Seth, you forgot that in order to be a true assassin you most kill off all
    emotions. As punishment and as my apprentice, I order you to murder HK-47!!!

  16. Ehraz Natt says:

    I LOVE ASS ASSINS CREED.actually,it was tea.

  17. oj615 says:

    Did you play the original Final Fantasy 7? If you did which do you think
    was better crisis core or that one?

  18. GamerDude951 says:


  19. SownSky says:

    Wow, I thought they would have gotten permission for that. Thanks for the
    fact. Got anymore?

  20. SownSky says:

    also, I do typically try to use unused songs, but once in a while, it
    should be ok for me to to use a popular song

  21. Kyle DeCamp says:

    I loved this song ^__^ the video did it so much justice. Awesome work

  22. SownSky says:

    When females watch this, the opposite occurs!

  23. Ari Shakala says:


  24. SownSky says:

    happy u liked it

  25. SownSky says:

    …………. I think that you should rephrase that last comment, as it can
    be interpreted the wrong way.

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