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Posted by Travis Grant On September - 3 - 2013 25 Comments
Video Game Cheats in Real Life- VKO #22

The perfect combination of video game shooter violence and real life explosive action is on full display here in jhoofnail []‘s “…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. Dazzles98 says:

    Love the golden eye reference

  2. stewietk says:

    Lol 007 golden eye health bar

  3. randomman10396 says:

    Some of the sounds came from Valve’s source sound box, which they use in all their games like Half Life and Team Fortress 2

  4. olicow12 says:

    didnt corridor digital do something very similar?

  5. jada7084 says:

    Drum Samples For Everybody over 100 Gigs Instant Download at Dangerloops (dot) com

  6. Spencer Honda says:

    video game cheats in real life? seems to me, its just a video game shot as a live action. but its still cool and very well done

  7. Limited says:

    Sigh, a reviewer gave his views after watching it on a mobile phone? Cmon Bammo, your better than that.

  8. Cry says:

    Hah, I clicked the ‘start’ button…

  9. IcyZinHD says:

    1:32,the guy flies before the other shoots

  10. Randy Martins says:

    half life 2 gun sounds eh?

  11. Midway Otts says:

    Issues: Guy chambers a round on the 74 twice. No spent shells from shotgun. The grenade on the ground still has the casing attached. Stopped watching there.

  12. Bammo says:

    We simply put up submitted videos. The power is in your hands. That’s what this show is all about.

  13. Bammo says:

    We have many submissions- we keep trying to put up non action videos and then we get a ton of dislikes. Submit your video we will get it in there! In fact I will go look at your page right now.

  14. 1ashleyvlogs1 says:

    cheats in real life

  15. NinjaOfDarkEpicness says:

    Tht guy from five minute fx is a cocky bastard. I find him very unlikable

  16. coolman8143 says:

    Bammo I didnt like this weeks video because its not origional at all im very disapointed and i ussually stick up for bammo when its getting hated on im disapointed with this weeks video :(

  17. FallenStainedGlass says:

    My gosh. Bammo, if I send in a video, will you put it on there? It won’t be an action video. You always say, “Send it in!” if someone says that they’ll send in a non-action video. They may have sent it in, but guess what? In the next episode, there’s another action video. So, I suppose, it won’t matter if I send in a non-action video, cause it won’t be there.

  18. DomesticCowboy says:

    Andrew Kramer was here.

  19. Cocflash says:

    The sound sounded like TF2 sounds

  20. Lycrius says:

    Goldeneye watch… guess I have to vote now.

  21. TheRamseybros says:

    of course!

  22. The Dangerous Brew says:

    Thanks man!

  23. The Dangerous Brew says:

    I thought you were talking about us getting on Film Riot today. Haha. But, yes….I remember your name now.

  24. TheRamseybros says:

    LOL i saw your vids, and we had chat on one of your videos, plus you’ve got some great effects my friend!

  25. The Dangerous Brew says:

    Oh…you saw that…

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