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Posted by Travis Grant On April - 26 - 2014 25 Comments
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition – PS4/PS3 Comparison and Analysis

A side-by-side comparison of Lara’s PS4 and PS3 adventures, showcasing the updated character model, added effects, and 1080p resolution.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. Ege Eraslan says:

    The difference is not as huge as it was between ps2 and ps3

  2. Justin Luna says:

    or just get a pc

  3. Mr Muffinman says:

    She needs to get laid!

  4. kittyface27 says:

    original lara seems to have more em emotion on her face to me

  5. Jejoisland says:

    So… its like the PC version with a Face overhaul?

  6. Naxx says:

    I had this open in another window playing in the background, in the
    beginning I thought there is a porn playing somewhere 

  7. SkemeKOS says:

    This video really does no justice to how good the game really looks like on
    PS4 compared to previous gen. I did my own comparison using my PS4 version,
    and my 360 version, and the new version makes the old one look like a PS2
    And to think it looks even better on PC! Incredible.

  8. El Fueda says:

    other than the higher contrast, i can barely see any difference at all.

  9. LegmaLP says:

    But dat ass though…

  10. aeroces7 says:


  11. Mangalex28 says:

    Lol, console players are discovering what a texture is. welcome to 2009.

  12. hazza3 says:

    Geez, that is a huge difference between the two consoles. Actually, the
    Definitive version looks better than the one I got on PC.

  13. DigitalVirusX2 says:

    I don’t like the Tomb Raider games at all, but this is very impressive.

  14. PrOfeSsor says:

    ps4 poop all over xbone 

  15. Goki Kawasami says:

    Very good
    PS3 and PS4 same color pale! 

  16. aarmon johnson says:

    Ok that’s what next gen multiplatform games should look like u have 8 cores
    to play with

  17. CravitionHD says:

    N64 has the best graphics <3

  18. Lucy Armstrong says:

    well looks good on both to me, awesome game i really enjoyed it on ps3, 

  19. Jonathan Kraus says:

    its all cool and all but its not worth 59.99$.Drop the price to at least
    39.99 then maybe i’d buy it along with other people i believe with no

  20. Freddie Moore says:

    I see a difference between both gens. but, I don’t see one for assassins
    creed, it looks exactly the same 

  21. JKLHY32 says:

    theres little difference in both but its just the ps4 has changed most of
    the things like her shirt was white instead of black

  22. jacksfoodfilms says:

    they added too much contrast and saturation to the ps4 version. I will say
    it looks better, but i prefer the style the ps3 version has. The washed out
    look makes it look more like an old film in a way

  23. erfa lois says:

    that was really great , i wish i can play with full hd ..haha

  24. IrishRampage45 says:

    60 bucks for a texture pack, yeah console users sure have it good. Remember
    people, it only gets worse from here.

  25. Christoffer Hoffberg says:

    Or just get a PC if you want nice graphics so simple is that. 

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