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Posted by Travis Grant On December - 26 - 2013 50 Comments
Super Mario 3D World – World 3 100% (Nintendo Wii U Gameplay Walkthrough)

Thanks for every Like and Favorite! They really help! This is Part 3 of Super Mario 3D World Gameplay Walkthrough for the Nintendo Wii U! It features 100% of…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses

  1. Elo Dali says:

    Gosh… Zack killed the cat… repeatedly ! :-p

  2. TheRoomy says:

    0:51:40 Couldn’t you just jump cut to when the stupid ends? C’mon man.
    That was like your 5th time you knew what you had to do, but did the
    opposite. You can even jump it; it is possible, if the jump is just right.
    But you should just be taking a hit, standing there, and just collecting
    the damn star.

  3. Anna Kleiber says:

    You missed invinible racon power

  4. Little Lion says:

    I just realized! *Playstation is the secret plot of the Magikoopa’s*! They
    used their secret magic code for the PS symbols!!

  5. Noah Ortega says:

    You missed the power up

  6. Benjamin Fell says:

    he totally failed at the end of level 1

  7. Gabriel Granados says:

    When they do posts they don’t draw they put a stamp

  8. Erik Nes Ohnstad says:

    You misse a thing behind the trees at stage 1 :-) 

  9. Selena Smith says:

    You missed properller!

  10. DantevsSantus says:

    man you people can be cruel saying that he is looking at a guide come on
    guys lets just watch “)

  11. Pepijn Kerkhoven says:

    In the train level, there was also just a pipe that could take you to the
    other train

  12. Legit Playerz says:

    Btw don’t try and do things that look stupid in this game

  13. Dima Särkkä says:

    angry birds go!

  14. Other says:

    “Wait to get on the bullet train and you’ll get on it” (from a 5 year old
    fan typed by his mom)

  15. Rob Depre says:

    What was nintendo thinking when they made level 3-2 

  16. Simanatic says:

    Some one shuld of wrote “THE PIPES ARE A LIE!” for level 3-3. xD

  17. Chew Jin Liang says:

    Actually the last stage theres a pipe to go to the back train

  18. Sara Aiyed says:

    hi i am a really big fan of all of your videos and love watching your
    videos when i watch your videos from how good they are i feel like im
    playing them myself! you have an amazing channel!

  19. Cole Goodman says:

    It’s called the white tanooki leaf dummy

  20. Awesomestuff1203 says:

    LOL Chrismas music 0:01:22

  21. Mark Sullivan says:

    Really enjoy your video’s!!!

  22. Owen Grylls says:

    complete it first then go back for another star coin

  23. ThePipion says:

    you are a fucking noob man

  24. Nadi Flo says:

    at 1:05:00 you don’t have to go on the background look like that the pipe
    after the giants Bullet Bill went you on the background

  25. renier reyesgames says:


  26. beata bieber says:

    Your my favourite YouTuber

  27. Alberto Perez says:

    wii u is twice as powerful as they xbox its true p.s im not “hating” i own
    both consles and i feel sorry to say but im starting to play my wii u alot

  28. LDMASTER14 says:

    exactly the wii had some perfect legendary games (super mario galaxy 2,
    skyward sword) but overall It was nintendo’s worse console of all time :/
    this looks good though new super mario bros U, nintendo land, batman, blops

  29. Kikinekosenpai says:

    It’s probably a lazy port to save money. About the graphics: there is a
    noticable difference between the Xbox and Wii U versions of BO2.
    Environments and lighting look better on the Wii U. Look up a vid on
    YouTube for proof.

  30. TI829 says:

    Black Ops II!!!!!

  31. MrKavortino says:

    Of course the best game 2011 voted by the people on 3 different website
    would be for little kids.

  32. RayadosDeSiempre says:

    Black Ops 2 C’mon!!!

  33. ThatBoyYouHate26 says:

    Nintendo wants to compete with Microsoft and Sony,so they had to make this
    game system like the PS3/Xbox or else they were completely done making
    anything else

  34. Lewtech1page says:

    Thanks buddy I getting this one too its much cheaper

  35. TheTrilbee says:

    What is even the fucking point in unboxings.

  36. NitrosOxiide says:

    Thankx soldier ! wii u looks cool

  37. Paul Tanner says:

    yes the wii u is compatible with the wii software and accessories

  38. WINNYJM0DZ says:

    black cocks 2

  39. Bodybuilder X says:

    better than xbox, ps3 or even pc gaming. I seriously doubt that. Plus
    countless websites dedicate themselves to xbox/ps3/pc gaming.

  40. Alberto Perez says:


  41. harman dubb says:


  42. Bodybuilder X says:

    The wii you doesn’t deserve my time

  43. Paul Tanner says:

    or how about the ouya (android console)

  44. reblogo says:

    Wrong. He never said that there are GAMES that support it, he just said
    that the wiiU has support for 2 gamepads.

  45. 12rollercoasterfreak says:

    Are you kidding me? This is easily way better than Xbox and ps3.

  46. Gooberscool says:

    You have the best job ever

  47. Joshua Langston says:

    I will eventually get the basic set with an external hard drive simply
    because fingerprints are less visablecwhen compared to the black console.

  48. Alberto Perez says:

    ladies and gentlemen i gladly present the first installment of the 8th
    genaration gaming console family

  49. Joe Barbaro says:

    Haha powerful! It’s just a little bit more powerful than Xbox 360 or the
    ps3.So it’s basically not a next-gen console. And 8GB?Is this fucking 2005?
    The Xbox 360 and PS3 costs less and comes with a 250GB(320GB for PS3)
    HDD.And there are like 5 games for this thing. Why the actual fuck do
    people buy this?

  50. Bodybuilder X says:

    it doesnt deserve my respect

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