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Posted by Travis Grant On May - 16 - 2012 0 Comment

What to do When Your PS3′s Power No Longer Turns On

It’s unfortunate but it seems that many of the older Playstation 3 consoles (the larger fatter ones with more USB ports) are starting to fail. One of the main system functions is for it to power on. However the internal PS3 power supply is becoming a high failure part and leaving many PS3 owners with an expensive piece of junk plastic. But do not fear. The actual PS3 power supply replacement part is fairly inexpensive, easy to install and overall pretty easy to fix and get your gaming console up and working in no time again!

ps3 power supply

The power unit pictured above is for the larger units and are fully interchangeable with just about any region unit as long as it’s the metal casing!


PLEASE NOTE: The PS3 Slim does not take this model power supply so please do not try and use it!


Really all the tools you need are the following:

1 – Replacement PS3 Power Supply

2 – Good Philips Screwdriver


How To Open Up Your PS3

ps3 opened up
How to Open Your PS3

Directions on How To open Your PS3 for Power Supply Replacement

So what are the basic steps on how to remove your Playstation 3 Power Supply? :

Here they are:

1 – Unscrew the two screws on your memory card reader – some console maynot have this screwed in with the power supply.

2 – Undo the ribbon that is connecting the memory card reader

3 – Then Remove the Screws around the Power Supply (6) maybe more depending on your unit

4 – Remove the cables that are connecting the power supply to the console (2)

5 – Pull up on the old power supply and remove

6 – Now replace your Ps3 power supply right where the old one was take care reassemble the screws and wires slowly with care because that is the important part.

Now try powering on your unit, and if it turns on! Viola! You now have a restored/fixed PS3 for the cost of an oil change!

PS3 Power Supply – APS-226

PS3 Power Supply – APS-227

PS3 Power Supply – APS-239

PS3 Power Supply – APS-240

PS3 Slim Power Supply – APS-250

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