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Posted by Travis Grant On August - 15 - 2013 25 Comments
Repairing Xbox 360 Slim Disc Read Error -EricTheCarGuy

Visit me at: This is actually my second Xbox repair video. In the first I repaired the RRD, in this one I tackle the disc read …

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25 Responses

  1. FznAbsol says:

    Dude shut up! I hate theese spam comments getting likes!

  2. FznAbsol says:

    When I opened mine it had cobwebs in it!

  3. Marco Mak says:

    It works?

  4. Charlie Armstrong says:

    Nice portable screen you have there.

  5. yashwinder singh says:

    @ljccrtm yeah thats what everyones been saying AND! if your getting bored of this then check out this online game >>>

  6. Master Cthulhu says:

    I have watched soooo many videos on this topic, and yours is the best by far. Clear, well-paced, and brilliantly narrated. Thanks very much.

  7. HostDoesMinecraft says:

    He won’t read your message because you’re retarded and didn’t click on the reply button.

  8. Sage P says:

    Go on ebay look up xbox 360 slim faceplate

  9. Sage P says:

    876fireload if you fully got the ribbon cable in the faceplate if you did you probably scratched the ribbon cable

  10. Mikkel Brinchmann says:

    it just says its a dvd and not a game everitime i try to play a game

  11. Bit Ching says:

    Is it possible to mess up the ribbon cable?

  12. Trent Monkey says:

    To Russ James here is a solution to make some spare parts and cut your wallet. Simply take your Xbox place it firmly on the ground and beat the living sh-I-t out of it :) :)

  13. raptor2569 says:

    Sorry but you can’t just replace the DVD drive as not all system setups and drives are all alike. Thats Moneysoft for ya!

  14. Antwon Kirk says:

    What are all the screwdrivers did you use

  15. storm32099 says:

    Lol borderlands 1 great game

  16. 876firelord says:

    I did all the steps and put it back together but when i checked to see if it would turn on, it didn’t and im pretty sure i did everything nice and smoothly what could be the problem?? ANYONE and i also retraced my steps did i break it?

  17. ModzVonXyborg says:

    yep..that as well

  18. Karl Hirst says:

    and there is also a dot solder on the new laser unit that you have to take of that is far transport if you don’t it does not work this is where it would be but this is my old one :

  19. dizzymoocow5000 says:

    20 seconds into this video my xbox decided to read the disc. I kept watching out of curiosity, I think my xbox was shittin itself in the corner.

  20. Cassie L says:

    before i even watch this….i have a way to fix it…it involves a hammer, 40 caliber hand gun and a 5.56mm rifle

  21. NITECOREPD says:

    yes if its ps3 cuz its tougher

  22. Jonathan Neal says:

    That’s not a Xbox elite that’s just the slim Elite was the older model in black

  23. Adam Evans says:

    You are the last guy I’d expect to have a video about an xbox lol

  24. trezhatheathlete says:

    Can’t get the front off

  25. Shawn Inlow says:

    After there lawsuits Xbox vowed there would never be another red ring of death, and they did hold true to there word, Its a Red DOT of death on the Xbox 360S’s. It does happen and even though there cooling is better it still runs hotter than **it and it will thermally shut it self off to not cause damage if it gets overheated.

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