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Posted by Travis Grant On May - 16 - 2012 0 Comment

As with all electronic devices faults are due to arise some how or the other. This can be due to electronic failure, drop damage or even your dog who decided to have an electronic snack. Or maybe you’re just looking at cleaning your PSP after a pretty heavy weekend with Kingdom Hearts. The following tips should help you out with these little headaches.

The Faceplate

If you’re planning on adding a new look to your PSP or just wanting to replace your cracked faceplate this guide might just be what you need.

Note: Some people have noticed a very tiny crack in the plastic right next to one of the corners of the PSP screen. This according to Sony is perfectly normal and there’s no need to replace your faceplate.

Faulty PSP LCD Screen

I’m sure you have a pretty good explanation as to why your PSP LCD is cracked but either way, this guide should help you replace the screen without the worry of damaging any other components.

Replacing UMD Door

Ok, Golden Compass is a real crappy game but there’s no need to break the UMD door. Lukily this handy guide will show you how to replace the poor thing.

Cleaning LCD Screen

Most common thing seems to be a dirty LCD screen. We don’t even want to imagine how it would look like if it was a touch screen. Anyway this guide will help you to make it all nice and sparkly again.

Unbricking a PSP

So you tried to run custom firmware but things didn’t really go according to plan. The lights on the PSP are on but nobody’s home. There might however be light and the end the tunnel by checking out this guide.

Cleaning Analog Stick

The biggest problem with cleaning the stick is the little grips on top. All the dirt tends to make home there but this guide will show you how to make you analog stick look like new.


Why someone would want to make their PSP waterproof is beyond me, but here you go anyway.

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