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Posted by Travis Grant On January - 11 - 2014 25 Comments
PS4 – Watch Dogs Gameplay Demo (14 Minutes)

New PS4 gameplay video for Watch Dogs ! Subscribe Now : With 14 minutes of gameplay walkthrough ! PS4 – Watch Dogs Gameplay Demo (14 M…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. tommy skate says:

    Driving like in GTA

  2. Ronald Abraham says:

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  3. Nathaniel JR says:

    omg so much better than gta

  4. Linda Jackson says:

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  5. Snaby02 says:

    if gta 5 come to next gen then this game will be dead

  6. Kane S says:

    How about a game that takes place somewhere that isn’t America. 

  7. Tom Herety says:

    This makes me want to get a ps 4

  8. dogoban gurin says:

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  9. Michael Burt says:

    funny how you cant comment on there posts about the free £50 

  10. JorgelShmorgel says:

    I also think it’s strange that you kill a bunch of ‘innocent’ guards so you
    can play vigilante while afterwards you get bonus points when you do not
    kill actual bad guys. 

  11. Sassy The Sloth says:

    I need a ps4 and this game NOW -.-

  12. Hayden Fixmer says:

    I have the same shirt that the gunshop owner has.

  13. Alejojo Rodríguez says:

    spectacular game but im not yet see somethin better than PS3 i hope see
    something in the game tht be better

  14. Alexandre Santos says:

    al that everything wach this dog … really want to play this game crazy
    …. I’m tremendously horny ….. uacha doguito …. mano rosqueta

  15. Angelo Latuno says:

    Wait a minuite…. DID HE JUST SAY AIDEN??? #BeyondTwoSouls

  16. TreySingz says:

    yea but… is there online?

  17. chickenpotpie55 says:

    Very interesting! Looks like a masterpiece already! :D 

  18. H.A1992 says:

    In Assassins creed 4 if you have animuses you get a thing from the blume
    corporation boasting about ctOS and that abstergo industries should buy

  19. rrasher says:


  20. ghostshadow25 says:

    This game looks amazing

  21. jdmisthrh says:

    Looks pretty damn gangsta… Like how u can interact wit other players
    online…will def buy this one.

  22. igotapk says:

    Who cares if it’s like some other game..The point is, is it fun?..Assassins
    creed is on some pirates of the carribean crap now…GTA 5 is on robbing
    shit and get’s boring quick..This is just about being a vigilante. If
    anything this is like spiderman minus the powers, with Gta 4, and a little
    bit of assassins creed. Regardless, video games evolve with each other. In
    other words, duh games are going to be like other games..That’s how the
    industry grows..look at cell company comes out with a smart
    phone, and now they all got smart phones…If the industry didn’t different
    things we’d have too much of a variety of stuff.

  23. GODStyle says:

    cooler than gta 5 omg!!!!!

  24. mylifeinCanada1 says:

    that is beautiful game and it all so looks really fun to play.but from what
    i see here you guys got the idea of the game. from a TV show , person of
    interest,and also A little of GTA here in the game 

  25. xNeonTacos says:

    I think this game looks pretty good, I know a lot of people think its just
    a rip off GTA5, but really its just shows us whats wrong with our society
    and expands it to a whole universe. While from what I seen in the Demo,
    Watchdogs basically simulates reality using that open world type effect
    that we all know. To me their two different games and both look pretty

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