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Playstation 3 (PS3) Repaired Locally in Gainesville, FL

Playstation 3 repair by our city’s highest rated and most affordable video game console repair company! We are gamers who fix PS3.  Yes, we know you’re badly missing Modern Warfare 3 because your PS3 unit won’t boot up.  Don’t worry, there is an answer to your woes: our quick turn-around game system repair!  Having worked on Sony Playstations from the very beginning, we have years of experience with Sony Playstation consoles.  The general hardware failure known as the Yellow Light Error, also known as the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death or Yellow Light of Doom) is the most common overheating issue that we deal with, but we have seen and repaired all problems!

Common PS3 Issues that we repair include:ylod

·         YLOD (Yellow Light of Death)

·         RLOD (Red Light of Doom)

·         PS3 unit will not light up or power up

·         Fan no longer spins or cools system

·         Unit Overheats

·         Blu-ray Drive stops workng (after freezing and drive not accepting)

·         Hard drive not detected

·         Information Board Freezes Games

·         PS3 unit cannot read discs

·         Lights are flashing

If your PS3 was operating at high temperatures for a long period of time, you may have already experienced the YLOD/RLOD.  But other symptoms also occur. If the Playstation 3 console is not getting adequate ventilation and air flow, you often will see red and green flashing lights.  This may be caused by dust and debris buildup, or other environmental conditions.  The mainboard will require servicing, a common service we offer.  The Pixelating Problem is a general hardware failure. It usually means that the PS3 was operating at high temperatures for a long period of time.

We repair the yellow light of death (ylod).

Other common repairs we perform include the freezing screen (during gameplay or during the menu) as well as the flashing green light issue.  If your system did not retain the data on the hard drive, we also have data recovery technicians who can attempt to get back your saved information.

We repair PlayStations nationwide.

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