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Mooching 101: Where to find the Cheapest Video Games

Mooching 101:  The Original Moocher

Mooching 101 is all about finding the cheapest video games out there. There are plenty of locations to find those games. You can pick the ones that are the most convenient for you.

Mooching 101, check out the following ways to find the cheapest video games:

#1: Rent instead of buy.

Most people play video games only for a couple of times and then they start playing other games. This is why it make sense to rent video games instead of buying them. You should buy only the video games that you like the most and that you play most often.

#2: Buy them from a friend who no longer plays video games.

Many people had their times of glory when they used to play all sorts of video games. Nowadays, they might have other responsibilities and their time doesn’t allow them to continue their video games playing habits.

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Do you know anybody who is like this? Ask him to sell his video games collection. Buy it and you will most likely get dozens of high quality, rare and classic games. You would buy them in bulk and get a discount for doing so.

#3: Ebay is a great online place to find some of the cheapest video games out there.

Mooching 101:  Video Games bought from EBAY

Ebay is one of the biggest online stores with a huge variety of products. Video games are also sold on Ebay. Most of them are older games that are hard to find anywhere else.

Ebay is also a great place to find hard to find collections. Collecting video games is a great way to remember the times when you played for the first time these games.

#4: Garage sales are wonderful places where you can find rare video games.

There are people who gathered thousands of unnecessary items over the years. One day, they decide to sell their items to their neighbors and friends. Garage sales are wonderful because you can find real bargains if you have the patience to look around.

#5: Don’t discard craigslist as an option.

Craigslist is a very popular website where people can post ads. Go ahead and search video games ads from any city in your country. You will likely find many great offers. You shouldn’t discard any city because the transportation costs are quite low compared to the quality of the games.

#6: If you want to purchase new games then you should wait for the holidays.

Many video gaming companies and retailers come up with last minute offers during holidays. It’s often worth it to wait a couple of weeks until such promotions are available. In this way, you can get a good deal for less.

#7: Hunt for promotions.

Mooching 101:  DS Video Game Library

Certain companies especially newspapers sell something along with the game. So it makes sense to buy what they sell, for example a newspaper, and receive a discount on your game. You will get both a newspaper and a game.

It’s a great idea to find the cheapest video games out there even if it involves mooching 101. By buying cheap games you can afford to buy more games. Choose a way to buy cheap games, buy a few and go ahead and play them.


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