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Posted by Travis Grant On December - 3 - 2013 25 Comments
Microsoft Announces New Xbox 360 Design – E3 2013 Microsoft Conference

Microsoft isn’t done with the Xbox 360 yet. Meet the new smaller and quieter Xbox 360, available now. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all t…
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25 Responses

  1. Manolo Delgado says:

    Shure realy shure

  2. tmnichols3 says:

    The reason you would want to get the new 360 is to take advantage of all
    the pre XBOX ONE games that only work on the 360 like fighting games like
    Marvel vs Capcom, SC, Street Fighter, etc. etc. There are still great games
    on the 360 platform – and many aren’t jumping on the new consoles day 1. So
    there is still several years of shelf like on the 360 and the PS3.

  3. Tommy Dee says:

    This is the only good thing that came out from Microsoft’s E3 2013

  4. kassraNo2 Playlist says:

    so if you get the new xbox one and your 360 account gets transfer over to
    the xbox one. does that mean you can still keep all your achievements you
    got on the 360?

  5. Robert Valdez says:

    Who would buy this it’s just a waste of money the original xbox 360 looks
    better than the Xbox 360 E and the slim.

  6. Jugador Numero uno says:

    When sore to argentina????

  7. 1rooen says:

    Nah Dude.

  8. Mr14stewart20 says:

    The new Xbox 360 looks more evil looking than ever

  9. Chris Tortorelli says:


  10. Raymond Walker Jr says:

    New 360

    XBOX ONE 499.
    All I need to say killer instinct

  11. Jorge Murphy says:

    #Xbox360 News: Starting July 1st – All Xbox Live “GOLD” members will get
    two free games per month until the release of the #XboxOne . 

  12. Anuchart Lohavitayakul says:

    Microsoft’s Xbox One to carry £429 price tag

    Read more:

  13. Matheus Sousa says:

    im excited. cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some
    questionnaire :) . just listen for now, give ur delivery addr with phone
    number to make sure you get it. dont run away have a try now =>

  14. XTrollxArchX says:


  15. GioGeddon GameAholicGaming says:

    Ps3 super slim still beats it, oh and it`s funny how their trying to be
    like ps+ yet they give old ass games when ps+ is giving saints row 3, deus
    ex, lbp karting, and more.. hell drive club is free for ps4 !!! thats a
    triple AAA launch title !

  16. Nelson Lord says:

    Watch this be like the xbox 360 and the ps3 debate when everyone thought
    the ps3 was going to be beast but the xbox 360 won

  17. Link9l8 says:

    Well where the fuck is it available today bullshit I can’t find it anywhere

  18. Thewalkthroughit says:

    hum i think i record playstation4 giving online players driving club as i
    recall? and so thats £55 worth for a free game for £5 plus membership for a
    month as well as betas and demo. formula = i <3 PS4

  19. Everythingrocks2000 says:

    Xbox 360 all the way

  20. Tyler Goaziou says:

    The free games

  21. Lukey Lukerson says:

    Just because they use bluray now is no excuse. bluray drives have 2 lasers,
    a red 1 and a blue 1(or at least the ps3 has 2 lasers) using a BD drive is
    the exact opposite of an excuse, the reason is both next gen consoles are
    using x86-64 architecture, the reason theres no backwards compatibility on
    the ps4 is because the CELL architecture is extremely complicated it hasn’t
    even been used to its full potential yet, and most PCs can’t emulate PS3
    games all that well either. So a PS4 has no chance.

  22. Fireaspider says:

    The only thing/One that i like in all Microsoft is Yosef Mehdi only , i
    support him because his name is Arabic only. – All the other things
    Microsoft related / products No , i’m proud that all my daily life / House
    is 100% Microsoft products Free , the only things that i might sometimes
    have to use are Skype and Word.

  23. tmpcox says:

    more games and cheaper than a shit PS4!

  24. Brandon Rogers says:

    or u can probably use a USB or flash drive and copy ur data to that then
    put it on the xbox one that always works too.. but i dont think the xbox
    one will be backwards compatible witht eh 360 games will it?

  25. sevi webb says:

    And I buy this where?

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