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Posted by Travis Grant On August - 23 - 2013 50 Comments
LA Noire Tips and Hints (Xbox 360, PS3)

LA Noire Tips and Hints (Xbox 360, PS3)

Here are some tips to get your detective career off to a flying start in Rockstar’s gumshoe-’em-up.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This method works well with any player that will sell for at least 1500 coins on the buy it now market. Give it a go with a player of your choice and you wil…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses

  1. panlukin says:

    use adblock

  2. TheNk4e says:

    If you have mozilla get ad blocker, no ads anywhere (;

  3. sckisback14 says:

    So you need evidence for Doubt to work? The game told me it was Lie! No wonder i’ve been fucking up so badly.

  4. J4kTh3RIpp3r says:

    The ads are supposed to convince you come to America and purchase the advertised product there.

  5. b00mYou says:

    Not really anything that would ruin the story.

  6. SuperThecrap says:

    I would but I always prefer google chrome instead.any ways to get rid of ads in google chrome?

  7. ImoonPeople says:

    Download Firefox and use the AdBlock plus addon. No more commercials. :)

  8. Siddhant Priyadarshi says:

    i just made sum videos FOR YOU guys =D

    Many SOLUTIONS for PS3 / XBOX 360

    W-A-T-C-H …M-Y… C-H-A-N-N-E-L

  9. SuperThecrap says:

    I think you should be able to skip anything.if someone is annoyed seeing a commercial they most likely wouldnt buy it right?but if it looks interesting they would press the button obviously

  10. SuperThecrap says:

    oh? I guess thats new.that comment was made 4 months ago

  11. SuperThecrap says:

    I said we should be able to skip them instead of being forced to watch them.understand?many websites do that already.of course I know it keeps it free

  12. SuperThecrap says:

    I dont like using firefox.there should be a skip ad option since thats easier.and I have seen that option in many sites.

  13. Elementer117 says:

    Get Firefox; then get Ad Blocker Plus as an addon. No more ads.

  14. Rock3487 says:

    actually you have to press and hold Y

  15. coolbluelights says:

    hit Y next to your car to get your parter to drive.

  16. coolbluelights says:

    use Ad Block Plus, I don’t even see the ads thanks to it :)

  17. lorenzo lennon says:

    how do you get them to drive!?!?

  18. SuperThecrap says:

    I dont want to buy them as well Im not involved in some house party too(one of the newer ads)

  19. arachlyco says:


  20. strarabjt says:

    they shipe worldwide

  21. xxRusso says:

    Parkmaaaaan :D !!!

  22. riffnark says:

    I was playing this today and saw greg grunberg (Lost, heroes) and was like damn! that’s cool lol.

    There’s also the guy from Fringe who plays walter and some other faces you might recognise :D awesome game too

  23. pedro garcia says:

    thank oyu

  24. Creepermatt says:

    great…the goddamn ad wont load so i can watch the vid.

  25. Zack Case says:

    are there any spoilers in this video?

  26. dhrhassnaoui says:

    I got it to :) 

  27. dhrhassnaoui says:

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  28. dhrhassnaoui says:

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  29. 10nickthered says:

    Will this work on ps4?

  30. 10nickthered says:


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  35. PESisBetter says:

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  36. ViKiinGViiRuS says:

    Still works???

  37. G4M3R4L3RT says:

    You can have duplicates in your trade pile. Don’t store the players you buy in your club.

  38. Jack wolfe says:

    Tanks mate :)

  39. hratchig80 says:

    on the xbox version i dont think they allow duplicate players….
    how do u buy the same player multiple times?

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  41. MoDzTuToRiAl11 says:

    how do you get the web app?

  42. xSnooksy92 says:

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    Shut the fuck up.

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