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Posted by Travis Grant On December - 27 - 2013 25 Comments
iPod Touch 5G Unboxing + Countless Accessories (Apple)

Apple iPod Touch (5th Generation): Unboxing & Hands-On ~How to Use EarPods~ The accessories exclusively include: *EarPods with remote + mic *2 Wall USB Adapt…

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  1. Josh VanTubergen says:

    Great video, I wish every review was like yours. I’m glad you are a
    Christian, I totally agree with you that Christianity has a huge impact on
    technology. Talk more about your religion! Rom. 1:16

  2. Alex Perkins says:

    Your a cool cat

  3. MarioAZarate says:

    he should of got a blue iPod then…

  4. Josh VanTubergen says:

    What didn’t you buy lol :) 

  5. NikeKid4Lif3 says:

    Two Words, Rim Job Me Bro.

  6. yohannes gobezie says:

    I’m gonna get the iPod touch 5g tomorrow. :D :D 

  7. OneTheWhat says:

    Unless your talking about the 80 virgins thing then you can tell them to
    eat a d**k, hehe religion is funny sometimes

  8. ANGEL Batista says:

    Finally a good video

  9. lawrence pangelinan says:

    Activate Siri and say good morning, afternoon, or night depending on the
    time and Siri will actually respond to you it’s pretty cool

  10. cakeman x derpz says:

    keep up the good work im subbing

  11. Eye2EyeIIIV says:

    Thanks for the compliment – appreciate your enthusiasm. ;D

  12. billy Dunay says:

    You do a good job man

  13. Toorialay Waziri says:

    how much bought you that all

  14. katylovers1321 says:

    does loop come with it? or do you have to buy it?

  15. Melinda Ly says:

    Is that a real wall adapter or fake? And where can you buy it? Please

  16. satish s says:

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  17. Hender4tom says:

    Great Review Dude, Can’t Wait For More!!

  18. Districtxp says:

    Gonna get mine in 3days and its the silver one c,

  19. Benjamin Hutanu says:

    Amen! Glory to God! Great video, I subbed. God bless you! :)

  20. rahynes72 says:

    Best video about iPod 5g yet

  21. Eye2EyeIIIV says:

    Really? Wow. Thanks. I appreciate your enthusiasm. :) Subbed!

  22. artistducktapemichelle F says:

    u live in japan that is very amazing to live in japan i never be in japan
    before i wish i take a trip over to japan someday

  23. artistducktapemichelle F says:

    u are ready to go with your gargets ?i love Technology it’s a amazing thing
    to have

  24. Alessandro Cardinali says:

    We’re did u get the stand from

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