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Posted by Travis Grant On August - 24 - 2013 25 Comments
iPhone 5C & GOLD 5S Rumors!

I talk about the iPhone 5C & iPhone 5S Gold rumors! I’m in this DashieXP Video! Follow me on Twitter:…
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25 Responses

  1. Edsel Ortiz says:

    Hey guy’s Lamarr is Batman o.o

    xD I love you Lamarr.

  2. Jonathan Andrews says:

    Cool video. I like the green screen affect @LamarrWilson.

  3. Brij Vanar says:


  4. Brij Vanar says:

    I live in India so i tried to find your house on Google maps street view but i failed :( i really like you humor and i enjoy your videos i appreciate for how much you put in your videos i like the way you laugh and i request if you could dedicate a huge laugh for me in you next video THNX

  5. Patspies says:

    you are a really funny guy hahaha

  6. John StressedTechy says:

    Talking to yourself is a definite sign of madness.

  7. rwilliams4828 says:

    Bro u did have some red soda or something lol great video ! I’m a fan for life!

  8. ipodtouchhelp91 says:

    Nice new style

  9. Michael Wentz says:

    Your tongue is red have you been drink kool aid recently

  10. icanmakeyoufamous143 says:

    That iPhone 5S getting STOLE

  11. SilentsTech says:

    You should do more of these!

  12. Andrew Mackoul says:

    this is probably one of your most creative videos!

  13. dogger20011 says:

    It doesnt lag it a lot, but it does lag it some. But TouchWiz has more features then any other Android skin. I dont really like Sense 5, but stock Android is great. Galaxy S4 Google Edition is good.

  14. Krishna M says:

    It may be the fastest in specs (which it isn’t even), but Touch Wiz lags that fucker a lot. Sense 5 is the only heavy Android skin that is just as fluid as stock Android.

  15. Michael Reyes says:

    Lamarr just described iPhone users perfectly.

  16. Ben Magalhaes says:

    amazing laughed so much at the end

  17. VentMasterMC says:

    Lamarr, when you were a teacher, did you ever say “SSStop it” to one of your students?

  18. TechnoUniversity says:

    I know how you feel. But the best thing to do is to just ignore him.

  19. Sharan Ravitharan says:

    Oh god apple that iPhone looks barely even yellow

  20. Oswaldo Díaz says:

    Hahahahaahah I laughed so hard

  21. Waleed Abou-Heif says:

    You r so funny dude :D (Y)

  22. Joker69Face says:

    Tracy Morgan 2.0 ^^

  23. MrImhighoffmusic says:

    I don’t know why but the laughs through out this was SO FUNNY HAHAHAHAHA

  24. boooooooooooooones99 says:

    It’s metal gear

  25. darkscream20 says:

    Yup The S stands for stolen New IPhone + gold = burglar magnet

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