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Posted by Travis Grant On December - 25 - 2013 50 Comments
iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S

iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S

In this video we compare the new iPhone 5 with the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 has the new A6 dual-core 1GHz Apple CPU with 1GB of RAM, while the iPhone 4S has a… Help support the show and get a free month of streaming! iPhone 5s vs 50 cal – RatedRR Slow-Mo Torture Test Click here to subs…

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50 Responses

  1. Ashley Plays says:

    yeah,people only hate on apple because of the price.If they could get it
    free they would be like this is the best thing ever

  2. Kane Resurrected says:

    I have the iPhone 5s…. muhahahahahaaa!!!

  3. George Morris says:

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    O M*

  4. Jaime Aguirre says:

    I got the iphone 5 for Christmas

  5. Adrian Godoy says:

    IOS Is More Into Phone Depth. Android Is More Customizable And Is Made To
    Be Personalized. I Have Both iPhone 5 And Nexus 4 Their both the same but I
    like iPhone 5 structure.

  6. Francisco Magalhães says:

    Apple <3

  7. Davion Clarkson says:

    Real Guide for Jailbreaking iOS iDevice.
    you really need to checkk this
    Checkk. *JailbreakTUT. com*.
    its works!!! 

  8. Vincent Mcfall says:

    Some of ur specs are wrong

  9. Karolina Rosario says:

    im getting the iphone 4s for christmas!

  10. coolsupersup2000 says:

    I would prefer iPhone 4S 

  11. Kayla Lasha says:

    I’m getting my iPhone 5 tomarrow I’m so excited I’ve always had a stupid

  12. JoyMyFilms says:

    i am an iphone user but i switched back to android.

    i just wanna say to all the ppl that have an iphone and think that the
    reason why ppl dont own it is because its expensive…… you are a fucking
    retard!!! there are other phones that are the same price!!!!! stop feeling
    rich cuz u have an iphone you look stupid.

    i only went back to android cuz although iphones are dope for the average
    consumer, i just couldnt do everything i needed with it.

    Awesome phone I love my iphone5! but realistically its a toy compared to
    the note or s4.

  13. Bacon Comix says:

    I wish iphone couldt have bigger screens :/

  14. मनीष गुरुङ says:

    Can somebody tell me which one is iPhone 4S? i’m confused. i’m watching the
    video without sound.

  15. Kyrin Dowd says:

    How to unlock iPad, iPhone… easy?

    Moree!! *JailbreakTUT. com.*
    just go!!! 

  16. salih çolak says:


  17. Jack Patte-Dobbs says:

    Which is better for making phone calls/texts messages_Currently got an
    Iphone 4s but looking to invest in a 5

  18. WiCk3dNUtsak says:

    Too be honest I like the 4s better than any 5 ( 5c,5s)

  19. Aly Huffman says:

    People only say they hate apple because they can’t afford their items. Get
    over it.

  20. Mathew Lyden says:

    I like the iphone4s

  21. Leart Zajmi says:

    iPhone 4s is still a great and really fast device, buid quality is just
    fantastic and is very beautiful to look, i own one and i preffer the look
    over the iPhone 5, and the speed diference is small..

  22. TARUN PARASHAR says:

    great work pal.
    now i can finally buy a 4S

  23. azariah george says:

    I just ordered my iphone 4s today. My friend told me to get the 5 but they
    had ran out so I ordered the 4s anyway. After seeing this video I’m well
    pleased with my decision. 

  24. Olivia Young says:

    the Iphone 5 may be slower and less bright due to the battery as i noticed
    that it is nearly empty whereas the Iphone 4 is nearly full on battery

  25. Demyra Heard says:


  26. Bryson Connor says:

    U should be ashamed of yourself

  27. The holy bananas says:

    And that’s why you need gorilla glass

  28. Rob M says:

    i love this gun in bf3

  29. YMCMBmiro says:

    well i think you have the money to buy me iphone 5 i don’t have money you
    buy me lol :D 

  30. aileen herrera says:

    Such a waste of money..

  31. benjmiester says:

    I find it really odd how the iphones always survive drops in videos, but
    every one I know that has one has a brokend screen, some even on their
    second broken one. I guess real life un-intentional drops are just

  32. Jason Thomas Dolan says:

    Cool video. Can you please, please, please make a video of Yourself Vs a
    Machine gun? Then get someone to post it on YouTube, because I don’t think
    you’d survive.

  33. Keymonta McKinley says:

    the hell are the slow mo guy or something people only clicked on this video
    because it had a gun bro find a hobby other than shooting expensive
    technology like if you think the same

  34. TheMatoPato patoo says:


  35. Jared Parbs says:

    I think the 50 Cal is a bit over kill don’t you think? *then someone
    reply’s* BUT IT’S FUNNY!!!

  36. Derek Roger says:

    thats crazy 

  37. qushay20019 says:

    some rich dumb with big gun and fancy phone definitely need to compensate
    for lacking in certain area… *shakes head

  38. Nikil Vissamraju says:

    +Rob M

    Hello? This gun isn’t even in BF3 xD

  39. TalkingJelly Beans says:

    i had such a good rage face for this

  40. americanman456 says:

    noo mah retina display

  41. Hisham Alpha says:

    wow, awesome high-speed cameras you got there

  42. Jimboo1220 says:

    Thanks for this ! I hate Apple xD

  43. Brayan Rodriguez says:


  44. Thomas Grogan says:

    Go slit ur whrist and die in a hole what type of person would do that you

  45. Jeremy Wee says:

    Is it able to protect a user from standard 9mm rounds, or perhaps 5.56
    rifle rounds?

  46. Bilal Ahmed says:


  47. Lhea Aubrey Torres says:


  48. Артем Зубченко says:


  49. Tanay Parikh says:


  50. Darius Evans says:

    I dropped my 5c in water washing my face in the sink and I got my hair
    drying and dried it out and it’s like new, man these I phones are starting
    to get sturdy now.

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