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Disassembling the Wii

  • Remove the two flip-up panels on the side of the Wii to reveal the black face plate with the controller ports and memory card slots.
  • Remove the three screws located underneath the the flip-up panels using the fine Phillips-head screwdriver.
  • Remove the black face plate.
  • Remove the two tri-wing screws located underneath the black face plate. There are also two Phillips head screws under the face plate, but you can leave them in place.
  • Use the scalpel to peel off the two white stickers that are covering the screws located near the two front rubber feet on the bottom of the Wii. This will reveal two black tri-wing screws
  • Use the scalpel to remove the two back rubber feet on the bottom of the Wii. This will reveal two silver tri-wing screws.
  • Remove the two black tri-wing screws and the two silver tri-wing screws revealed on the bottom of the Wii.
  • Use the scalpel to remove the rubber foot that is covering a screw in the top left cornerĀ at the back of the Wii. Remove the screw using the fine Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Use the scalpel to remove the white sticker covering the screw directly below the bar code on the back of the Wii. Remove the screw with the tri-wing screwdriver.
  • Use the fine Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screw that is holding the battery cover in place on the back of the Wii. This will reveal another screw that you can remove with the tri-wing screwdriver.
  • Remove the front face plate of the Wii; be careful because it is still attached to the console by a black and red wire. Disconnect the wire by lightly pulling on it.wii laser lens replacement 3
  • Remove the Wii shell casing by gently lifting and separating it from the internal electronics of the console.
  • Remove the Wii DVD drive by taking out the four corner screws using the large Phillips-head screwdriver.
  • Lift up the Wii DVD drive and disconnect both the power cable and the ribbon cable connecting it to the console.

Replacing the Lens

  • Turn the disassembled Wii upside down.
  • Remove the two screws that are holding the DVD circuit board in place.wii laser lens replacement2
  • Disconnect the three ribbon cables that are attached to the DVD circuit board.
  • Use the tweezers to free the wires that are still connected to the DVD circuit board from the plastic clips.
  • Lift up the DVD circuit board and move it out of the way.
  • Remove the Wii lens casing screw located underneath the DVD circuit board.
  • Remove the piece of tape on the lens case that is holding the lens ribbon cable in place.
  • Use the tweezers to remove the Wii lens casing by lifting up on the side hooks that are holding it in place. This will reveal the laser lens unit, which is held in place by two metal bars.
  • Take out one of the metal bars by first removing the screw located next to it, and then gently lifting up on the plastic tab so you can slide it out.
  • Remove the Wii laser lens unit and turn it over to reveal a white plastic part held in by a screw. Take out the screw so you can remove the white plastic part. You will need the part to install the replacement lens.
  • Attach the white plastic part from your old Wii laser lens unit to your new laser lens unit using the same screw from the old unit.

  • Place the new laser lens unit in the console and reassemble the DVD circuit board.

  • Remove the two solder points located on the lens ribbon by using a hot soldering iron.
  • Reassemble your entire Wii console.
  • Test out the new lens by inserting a Wii game disc into the console

    .wii lens replacement


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