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Posted by Travis Grant On June - 3 - 2014 25 Comments
How To- Xbox 360 Controller LED Mod Tutorial ::

How To- Xbox 360 Controller LED Mod Tutorial ::

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25 Responses

  1. hockey14jr says:

    If anyone needs super bright leds im a us seller on eBay… Search
    seller:hockey14ryan thx 

  2. Ryan Fissenwert says:

    Great tut. For those stupid rumbles getting in the way of closing the shell
    i typically use a toothpick to get it into place. Works really well in
    those tight spaces for tiny specific movements.

  3. Jacob Borchardt says:

    After i installed the new leds my controller stopped working. is it
    possible i couldve burnt the circuit board and ruined it?

  4. Joshua Jimenez says:

    Can someone do it for me im afraid i might burn the circuits for it?

  5. Jose Zavala says:

    I heard purple led would not work for the cg board is this true ?

  6. Tim Miller says:

    Can you use those same LEDs for the ring of light on the power button?

  7. joel martinez says:

    Hey I did everything just like the video same controller and my leds are
    dimmed but when I hook it to the charge n play kit the leds get bright can
    you help?

  8. Jacob Borchardt says:

    i installed blue leds in my controller and when the controller vibrates
    they get dim. Any way to fix this?

  9. Curt Maximus says:

    Did you ever post a video on how to fix the contact points? I was going to
    town on the board and knocked off both points for the 4th light spot :-( 

  10. Will Frost says:

    Were are all the places I can find these led’s? Really hate having to deal
    with shipping things

  11. Native Taylor says:

    I accidently burnt off the contacts how do I fix it PLZ NEED HELP! T-T

  12. christian canter says:

    Can you take two green out and put two blue in or will it not work like

  13. Walter Heisenberg says:

    Thank you so much you cleared up my confusion on how to soder the leds I
    looked a lot of how to’s and your is the best 

  14. ViciousAnguish says:

    Can you help me I removed one of the connections because I have a horrible
    soldering iron I got the other three in fine just not that one. Thanks and
    nice video

  15. Mr End3r says:

    “I have this special iron, but you can get yours from Walmart ;) ” XD

  16. MrYolify says:

    I took out all the LED’s but my soldeing iron i guess wasnt pointy enough
    and kept picking up the LEDs i eventually got annoyed so now my controller
    wont turn on but it gets really really hot.

  17. EastBrosky says:

    Do you think you could figure out howto put leds anywhere like on the
    afterglow controllers and if you do could you make a video on it

  18. ninjaassassin9897 says:

    Nice job :) 

  19. stevvvveeeen says:

    Fucking super awesome job explaining Thank You! 

  20. Christian Zaragoza says:

    Why do the LEDs dim out almost completely with the battery? All the other
    LEDs stay fully lit until the batteries die, is it a bad connection? When I
    was soldering them the battery’s were low and the LEDs were completely
    dimmed, but I went to try to re solder it and it would go all the way
    bright then slowly dim out, Isnthere a way to fix this? Or a reason it’s

  21. Tim Miller says:

    I tried doing this and burned the contacts right off the pcb. Guess I need
    better soldering skills

  22. martinez221704 says:

    i was able to get 3 out of 4 to work but on the one that didn’t i
    accidentally removed the solder point from the bottom of the 2 player do u
    knw how to fix it?

  23. Chris Reeves says:

    How can I fix the contact point I messed the one on the bottom left up

  24. Jorge Alvarado says:

    Best instructional video. I just received my set of leds. I followed every
    step just the way the video showed and in less than 20 min I had removed
    the green leds and soldered new ones. (i did watch this video 4-5 times to
    get every detail.

    I used a weller 25w soldering iron that I bought at the home depot for $18.
    This soldering Is perfect for this type of use.

  25. Triston Newman says:

    So I just finished everything and it it all right. I think. But as soon as
    I put a battery pack in the lights automatically turn on but are very dim.
    What did I do wrong?

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