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Posted by Travis Grant On April - 23 - 2014 50 Comments
How To Clean The Xbox 360 Heat Sinks – Repair Tutorial – Best Method

Simple repair tutorial on how to clean the Xbox 360 heat sinks using Arctic Silver – Thermal Compound Remover… only .99 at Fry’s Electronics. There are t…
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The tray will not open or close. It was hit while open and the tray gears got misaligned. To reset the gears you need to take it apart, remove the disk drive…

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50 Responses

  1. Johndill 1080p says:

    Correction, How To Clean The Xbox 360 CPU and GPU

  2. Andy Szwajkowski says:

    how much is it for the thermal paste apporoxamitly

  3. PAULPIERCEFAN34 says:


  4. EndoftheRd says:

    what you did to the 4 chips that come with tape ? did you put the penny
    trick ?

  5. Kiraina says:

    razorblade takes the TIM off the Heatsinks like scraping a layer of room
    temperature butter off.

  6. Tick386 says:

    man i did all of this. Worked for awhile. Now my xbox just over heats with
    2 red rings when nothing is hot. Dont know how to fix it.

  7. Daniel Kiselev says:

    YOU DON”T TAKE THEM OFF!!! you apply the thermal compound while it is still
    on the mobo.

  8. Kemal Azdemez says:

    Can u use paint thinners ?

  9. JoShsFITNESSnFUN says:

    look up tutorials on youtube there everywhere lol,

  10. dewDGgamers says:

    wat that stuff

  11. Ryan Sweetman says:

    WD 40 does the job great

  12. Yelnuts71 says:

    @CpGamer9786 It did for me! I also did the penny trick too!

  13. aredesuyo says:

    @enigmaticbee Then they probably did it right. Less is more when it comes
    to thermal paste. It’s the pressure of the heatsink against the chip that
    counts for more. If you have too much paste you’ll just be making a mess
    around the edges with no extra benefit.

  14. slayerzzzzzz says:

    so i have the E74 error. so i replaced the x clamps… the instructions i
    was using said after i do so plug in and let overheat. then 2 lights should
    appear. well i only had 1 light. stupidly i turned off and turned it back
    on… (this was to re-remove the dvd player. as i stupidly thought this
    might be the cause. then the xbox worked!! but only for a day. now i have
    E74. any ideas? overheat again? or do i needa do the thermal paste thing
    again too?

  15. ThinkSammich says:

    @walmer23 If you don’t want to use lint-free products on your electronic
    hardware that’s your prerogative. Enjoy the permanent burn-in and poor
    contact on the thermal compound the residue will cause. But for the rest of
    us, who follow directions and common sense, we’ll stick with the lint-free

  16. liv3les says:

    when u do this try not to touch the q tip to the motherboard

  17. WiiKyler says:

    you got to do the towel trick after you put it together

  18. baconboy222 says:

    Lol thank you- someone who doesn’t put up obnoxious RATM music while trying
    to explain what to do.

  19. ChugAColdBeer says:

    googone works just as good

  20. ericngo77 says:

    would alcahale work?

  21. CliveGains80s says:

    i have working 2006 old clamps 360. Should I redo thermal or don’t fix
    what’s not broken? bought cheap 360 with dvd read error as only problem.
    Full of dust and grim on board. also is fine glass polish recommended for
    dvd lens?

  22. knoxville363 says:

    not sure what kind of gum u chew….but the kind i use doesn’t dissolve in
    my mouth :D

  23. DreamzModZzoCom says:

    5:16 lol!

  24. Peter Phung says:

    @TripAcesFull whats free

  25. junior1984able says:

    @xxryanryanxx NO ITS NOT U PIECE OF

  26. ArriCAT5e says:

    Thank you

  27. Jamar says:

    You could do without the cheezy Sanford & son rip off soundtrack……..

  28. Todd Larsen says:

    Thanks man saved me money

  29. PM Productions says:

    Thank you so much. I was about to go buy another Xbox. Cant thank you

  30. Sazerac Gaming says:


  31. therealxlclan says:

    I opened my disc tray on my xbox and slammed it in really hard and now it
    won’t open will this fix the problem?

  32. Pedro Henrique says:

    You help me so MUCH!!!! My mom open my xbox.. THANKS !!!!

  33. zack mabile says:

    My tray works now so thanks dude

  34. Kyla Gampol says:

    You just got a new subscriber thank you 

  35. Anthea Hartnick says:

    I have been struggling for over a day now. I have moved the gears around a
    lot but nothing wants to work. There is a point where the gears won’t turn
    any more and the tray gets stuck. Can someone please help me to keep the
    gears moving or is there something I am missing

  36. rose baxter says:

    Thank you!!!!!

  37. jordipujolful says:

    My drive got stuck as I was repairing the RROD, but this video helped me
    fix it! Let’s hope that the Xbox One isn’t as crappy and full of issues as
    the 360

  38. WOLFGOD103 says:


  39. sweetlittleemogirl44 says:

    Thanks so much! I couldn’t find anyone around here who will fix it and your
    video was perfect!

  40. mikeadz says:

    for some reason the gears wont let me slide the tray in. Anybody have any
    idea why?

  41. djsikko626 says:

    Hey xl clan, yes this will fix your problem because I did the same thing as
    you and tried this out and it worked.

  42. RampageGamer13 says:

    Funny and helpful. Thank you! I haven’t had Xbox for a month!

  43. Griff Lopeno says:

    on the part when you slide it out, it won’t for me >.<

  44. Snji'sRoar says:

    mines the same how yours stuck inside but my tray is stuck outward it wont

  45. Billy Johnson says:

    I’m havin trouble sliding my disc holder back in. Wats the secret

  46. Jay Patel says:

    Mine d

  47. JeffT Rowe says:

    I think his laser gear is still engaged, you have to disengage it before
    putting in the tray. Just spin it a little and it disengages.

  48. Vishal Sharma says:

    yo thanks man this really helped

  49. Ian Lefebvre Bourassa says:

    Thanks bro, it fuckin worked ! Thumbs up :D

  50. Head Reaper says:

    when the disc tray is summerised…(like it is when you fix it) can it
    works and start spinning the CD?

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