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Posted by Travis Grant On August - 17 - 2013 24 Comments
Dark Souls II – PS3/X360/PC – Forging a Hero (Teaser)

Dark Souls’ universe is taking a surprising new form… Are you ready to meet…him? Join the Like us on Facebook: For more…
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24 Responses

  1. Ranziel1 says:

    I guess people don’t want to see a short secretive teaser of an announcement… something, when they have so many relevant questions about the actual game they’re so passionate about. Hence some dissatisfaction. Personally, being a historical arms and armor buff, I want to see them do that. I hope they don’t fuck up and actually make practical and believable looking stuff.

  2. Jean Rushmer says:

    I hope the character creation gets a major boost and maybe… a weapon and spell creator *nudge nudge, wink wink*

  3. BountySearyb says:

    I’ve been posting videos of my very first playthrough of Dark Souls to my channel for a little bit and these games are crazy tough!! Even though it’s difficult as hell I still come back to play these games over and over. If you are ever just bored out of your mine could you drop by my channel and leave me some advice? I could really use some help on the videos!!! Thanks in advance, Praise the sun!!

  4. masterofcrow says:


  5. BlauwFire says:

    Just you wait bitches I’ll be killing each and evryone of you when the game comes out x) x) x)

  6. aeronirvanazeppelin says:

    Hey look its you :)

  7. FoxHimura says:

    I think The Silent Comedy’s songs fit the game setting pretty well.

  8. SirWetBiscuit says:

    Oh, you know, Gamescom.

  9. Studio4Dinner says:

    It might be :3

  10. louisgworld says:

    is this comment a joke?

  11. Studio4Dinner says:


  12. Cameron Mann says:

    r u fuking serious that was live action with realistic stuff it wasn’t cgi or any kind of computer aided system

  13. Studio4Dinner says:

    WOW! Holy shit best ingame graphics ever!

  14. Amit Kumar says:

    @vzuwzsv yeah man i know what you mean also! man if your bored check this good time waster! =>

  15. UnstopablePatrik says:

    Now that’s…a cosplay

  16. Ryan Carroll says:

    And seriously, you make the Dark Souls fanbase look awful. Get gud because I think it’s good to see toggle escaping gone? Fuck, man, stop acting like a child or go back to Call of Duty, because you’d fit in just fine with that community.

  17. Ryan Carroll says:

    I don’t know why they didn’t patch it, but perhaps it was an engine limitation or something. Same with dead angling.Yes I know this isn’t GTA you fucking retard. I’m saying that the game is likely not far enough in the development cycle yet because they actually need to build the fundamentals of the game like areas and balance before worrying about implementing online capabilities, you moron. Stuff like that is saved for the end of the development cycle because it makes sense to do so.

  18. Ryan Carroll says:

    Toggle ecaping is in both games because they both use the same engine. Dark Souls 2 uses a different engine.

    It is a glitch. Unless you can find a source that proves otherwise, I won’t believe you. It’s not on wikis, it’s not in official strategy guides. It’s a glitch. Think about it. It’s a mechanic that makes no sense in the world. Why would changing your weapon make you break stun? It shouldn’t, but it does. That’s a glitch.

  19. DarkLord Sen says:

    Glitch? Um no. Do you even play Demons Souls? Toggle escape is the ONLY way to break out of stagger lock which at times can be CERTAIN death and way more punishing then the original director had in mind. That’s exactly why it made a return in Dark Souls otherwise it would have been removed or patched in BOTH games. This isn’t GTA this is Dark Souls. Read a dictionary before calling someone autistic jackass. You clearly don’t know wtf you’re talking about. Get gud nerd

  20. Ryan Carroll says:

    Do you really think they would want to show off a glitch? I’m 99% positive toggle escaping will not be in Dark Souls 2. As it shouldn’t be.

  21. Ryan Carroll says:

    Toggle escaping has no place in the game because it’s a glitch, and it’s highly likely that it will not be present in the final product because it’s an entirely new engine. I can infer how far along the development cycle is, given that the game still has 7 months before release. They just now released info for GTA online today, which will be playable in less than 2 months. Do you really think FromSoft are ready to show the online yet? Chill out with the autistic rage, my god.

  22. VaatiVidya says:

    Sure, I can’t wait for that information either! But FROM has always been about showing stuff when it’s ready, I think.

    And yeah, I can understand why this wouldn’t make much sense if you hadn’t seen Man at Arms – anything similar to that should be pretty entertaining though!

  23. Andrey Andreev says:

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  24. DarkLord Sen says:

    Perhaps it is a bit too early for such footage, but none the less it would be nice to be rest assured that such things have had a bit of light shined on them. I wasn’t aware what Man At Arms was until 5 mins ago so with that in mind I think this teaser isn’t so bad. In any case I guess we’re just gonna have to wait till PAX to see more of DKS II….

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