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Posted by Travis Grant On June - 5 - 2014 25 Comments
Best Free Games for the iPhone 5S

Watch this video to see the Best Free iPhone 5S Games. All of these Games have made their way onto the Top Free iPhone Games List. AppStore Links: http://bit…

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25 Responses

  1. Karim Almordaah says:

    Clash of clans is the best game

  2. Berke Aral says:

    waste of time

  3. zgthor says:

    fock. This iphone is better them my pc

  4. Scorpion says:

    shadow gun cost money

  5. John Shorba says:

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  6. masterhpotter says:

    Don’t forget Flappy Bird…

  7. Lucas Hummler says:

    your proximity sensor is flashing red like hell o.O

  8. Danny Tarsalainen says:

    I have an Apple iPhone 4. I have had it since 2011. It lags a lot and im
    thinking that should i buy an iPhone 5s or just wait till the iPhone 6
    comes out ? Please reply.

  9. Felix Pehlivanov says:

    Where’s Infinity Blade III or II ( according to the upload date ) in the
    Hardcore list, huh?

  10. TheGoogler says:

    nice intro

  11. Phu nguyen vinh says:

    dead trigger 1 & 2, zombie game, great graphic, FPS games

  12. SpectroScar says:

    Great video dude!

  13. Juan Consuegra says:

    What is that flashing red light on your iphone

  14. Diwas Upadhyay says:

    great collection

  15. dante hanley says:

    What’s he playing on 5/5s/5c?

  16. Moozy Mathers says:

    My favorite game is Candy Crush Saga, definitely. But i really interested
    what kind of app it is at 08:18 some kind of American Idol or how it
    called. Thanks!

  17. commandkicker8 gaming says:

    I’m sorry but when you said simulation games I saw fucking Sims three I
    wanted to cry simulation games are more like plain simulators or something
    like that

  18. Mal Nushi says:

    Quiz up should be on your next list

  19. Alfredo Izg says:

    What’s up with his led 

  20. Creativator20 says:

    can anyone please help me with my app nana thing?? its b2698074

  21. Satistraption says:

    Thanks for showing zombie tsunami, i love it

  22. Michael Elizondo says:

    We get it! Amazing!!! …shhheeeeesh

  23. Bailey Marston says:

    you’re simpsons tapped out world looked so soulless and messy, its like you
    played it just for this video.

  24. Corey Sadzewicz says:

    Brought to you by the Asphalt series.

  25. Steve N. Mavronis says:

    Thanks for this video. Coming from the Android world I really don’t know
    what games are good on the iPhone 5s. This really helps!

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