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6 Best Technology Tips for XBox 360

6 Best Technology Tips for XBox 360

Xbox 360 is an excellent gaming platform but it doesn’t just work by itself. You still have to learn a few things about how to use it properly. Learn a few simple ideas and you will be up and running in no time at all.

The following are the 6 best technology tips for Xbox 360:

#1: Buy the Xbox Live Gold subscriptions from retailers.

XBox Live Gold:  6 Best Technology Tips for XBox 360

You can buy your Xbox Live subscription either from your Xbox Live account or from retailers. Retailers are offline stores that sell the Xbox Live subscription along with other games and gadgets. Xbox Live is your Xbox related account where you can add your credit card information.

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It’s much better and safer to buy your subscription from retailers because otherwise it will be extremely hard for you to remove your credit card once you added to their system. Yes, Microsoft will make a smaller profit on a retail sale but your own self interest is more important than Microsoft’s profits.

Microsoft made it hard to cancel your subscription if they have your credit card information. They automatically charge your credit card each month and if you want to cancel it, you have to go through many loops to make them stop. They should have a better attitude regarding the billing process. It looks like they are preying on innocent Xbox live users.

#2: Extend the life of your system through choosing the right location.

The system should be placed in a well-ventilated area. Don’t even think about putting it into a narrow place among dozens of other gadgets. It needs its own ventilated space.

There are also fans that can generate the necessary air flow but they have to be directed towards the right parts of the system. So they require a lot of work in the long term.
I know people who keep their Xbox 360 on top of a box so it’s continually ventilated. This position also protects the system from receiving any dirt from the carpet. Also make sure you don’t put anything on top of it like books, boxes or clothes. Don’t even think about putting your DVD collection on top of it.

#3: Put your Xbox 360 system in a horizontal position.

There are only two options. You can put it in a horizontal position or in a vertical position. The vertical position is pretty risky. It also requires something to prop it up and the disc of your game can easily become scratched.

The situation gets even worse when you are playing a Kinect game. Playing Kinect games involves moving around with your feet and hands. When you move in all directions, you create vibrations that could destabilize the system that was put in a vertical position.

#4: Pick an easy to remember Xbox Live Gamertag.

Gamertag:   6 Best Technology Tips for XBox 360

The gamertag is like an username that will be seen by other Xbox gamers. Choose a gamertag that’s easy to read, remember and pronounce. Make sure it doesn’t contains a bunch of useless numbers. You can rename your gamertag at any time but it will cost you 10 bucks to do it.

#5: Choose between Xbox Live Free or Gold.

Xbox Live Free is the free subscription. With it you can download Xbox Live Arcade games, movies, TV shows and chat with your Xbox Live friends. Xbox Live Gold is a paid subscription that lets you play online with other gold members. On top of this, you will get access to additional services like Netflix, ESPN and many other video streaming services.

#6: Play almost any type of video and audio.

Certain people use their Xbox Live for more than just playing games. They also use it to watch movies and TV shows or listen to their favorite tracks. By default, Xbox doesn’t play all types of videos but there’s a solution to this problem. You can install an app called Tversity which will convert your videos into playable formats.

The above 6 best technology tips for Xbox 360 showed you new ways to use your Xbox and the things you should avoid. I invite to expand your knowledge on Xbox 360 and become a pro at it.


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