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Posted by Travis Grant On June - 16 - 2013 21 Comments

A show that details many aspects of the video game industry. Episode 022 is a tutorial on how to fix a poor video quality on a Sega Game Gear caused by bad c…
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21 Responses

  1. kainkusanagi says:

    Mostly likely it is too damaged to fix. But if you can find a point of contact that is connected to the contact you broke you can solder it in with wires.

  2. António Silva says:

    I’ve tried to fix mine, but unfortunatelly I don’t think it will work again. Removing one of the bad capacitors I removed one of the contacts, now I don’t have where to sold the knew capacitor. Is it still possible to fix it? (Hope you understand what I mean, I’m also working on my english).

  3. kainkusanagi says:

    Sorry, I don’t remember. I did probably get it off of youtube though if that helps.

  4. NotNotOminous says:

    Do you remember which sonic remix it was you used at 1:30? I downloaded that from ocremix (I think) in like 2004 but I forget what it’s called. Thanks!

  5. kainkusanagi says:

    Sounds like you have bad capacitors.

  6. AFatBunny7130 says:

    the problem with my sega game gear is that the screen will turn on and then shut right off, or will turn on but be black with white lines and I can hear sound so I know it on. Is this what I need to fix?

  7. John Tullier says:

    You Rock! Found my Game Gear in my parents attic, almost threw it away because the screen was blank. Works better now, than it did before . Thanks!

  8. L0LM4N50 says:

    0:57 He said gameboy!

  9. MEGADRIVEJeroi says:

    OMG what kind of instructions. Are you troll or something? You never wiggle anything of from old motherboards. You have a huge risk of destroying the solder pads while wiggling the components. You must always heat and meld the pads and remove the solder before wiggling. Stop doing videos if you do not know anything about electronics.

  10. kainkusanagi says:

    I’ve never had any problems with low-voltage/low-heat electronics from mixing solder types. As that has been my experience I try not to needlessly recommend poison for more than just liability reasons.

  11. phasetek says:

    You should ALWAYS use the same solder that the board was originally assembled with to prevent cracked solder joints and contamination from dissimilar alloys, in the case of the Game Gear, it was before RoHS (lead free), so standard electronics 63/37 Sn/Pb (leaded) solder would be best, 60/40 is also fine as well. Don’t use lead free for this case….

  12. DeadlyNerotoxins says:

    You are alive! Why no videos! Please give us an update!

  13. TheAndremacedo2010 says:

    ola tudo bem kainkusanagi

    eu assisti seu video de como trocar os capacitores do game gear ,e troquei todos !
    so que quando eu ligo ele ,da tela toda funciona uns 70% os outros 30% por cento fica escuro !
    seria por acaso o capacitor c37 de 100uf que coloquei no lugar do 68 uf ?

    muito obrigado !

  14. George95111 says:

    I did’t understand just one thing .. have you bought a new capacitors or you just have changed the places of the capacitors without buying new?
    Thanks reliminary. ;) 

  15. TheCIScommander says:

    Why don’t you make videos anymore? I really miss them and I thought they were really cool. I’m certain there’s a good reason, but I’d just like to know.

  16. alcurd666 says:

    how much would it cost me to send in my game gear for you to repair. Please just send me pm if you wish to do so.

  17. noahindisguise says:

    A friend gave me his old Game Gear a couple weeks back but low and behold the sound and screen didn’t work after I turned it on. I watched this video a few times and replaced the capacitors for the screen and the soundboard. Now I have a Game Gear that will last a very long time!!! Thanks for the vid!

  18. Mako Chan says:

    Hi :3 I just wanted to something,
    My GG screen shows black lines over the screen while playing, doesn’t seem to be completely broken because i can see moving things under that black bar (maybe a contrast problem?)… Is this still a problem of capacitors or the screen is just broken?
    (sorry about my english, i hope you can understand)
    Thanks anyway :3

  19. kainkusanagi says:

    I only have the Two ASIC Chip model so I suggest asking someone with a Single ASIC Chip model. Go to Sega-16′s forum and register so you can ask your question in the Tech Aid section.

    I’m sure someone there will be able to help you.

    Good Luck!

  20. GamingPalooza says:

    we’ve been around since 2006, and it seems like we have a small cult following, which is fine with us, however I would love to grow my viewership. Either way, I truly appreciate everyone who watches and enjoys our material.

  21. IWANTCOOK1E says:

    You guys deserve more views. :3

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