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Posted by Travis Grant On August - 17 - 2013 25 Comments
★ Gran Turismo 6 : PS3 vs PS4 – What Will Be The Difference? Worth Waiting For?

Polyphony Digital has discussed their plans to port Gran Turismo 6 to the Playstation 4 months after the Playstation 3 release. How much better will the PS4 …
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25 Responses

  1. Cesar Monterroso says:

    Wait for ps4

  2. 777Edub says:

    ima prally wait till da ps4 n have the best experience possible. what a couple months difference when I will prally own or have only this gt game untill the next comesnout most likely somewhere around 2 years later. its best not to be impatient, in all things

  3. johnnyhun1 says:

    every ps generation have 2 unique GT, so GT6 won’t come to ps4 idiot…don’t talke shit

  4. Partizanten says:

    I have question. I`m not a fan of the product like Ps or xbox, but i want a paly on Gran turismo. Would you tel me what i can do? Buy a ps3 or wait for ps 4?

  5. mobilehost10 says:

    believe me, gran turismo is Sony trademark and ps4 is Sony trademark so I bet gt6 makers know how to develop the game, i’m sure they have done it already

  6. Bruce R. says:

    gt7 prologue is going to be on ps4.. 

  7. 1eewe1 says:

    GT2 definitely was the best gt it was a enormous game for ps1 even had 2 discs wish polyphony would do a modern version of that game or at least put the car selection from that game in gt6 I would love to drive that wiegert or vector m12 or Venturi again those were such unique and cool cars

  8. Helen Yin says:

    Last thing I want to see disk break grow red hot when you beat the car hard enough. And I want to see break fade

  9. Helen Yin says:

    I will buy it for both and I don’t care hopefully they fix the suspension bug from gt6 demo and for sound system I want to hear dirt and wind sound. Also make the reply look like the trailer please

  10. Simon Stewart says:

    The whole of this rant rests on such shaky foundations. In fact, your foundations basically sink when you demonstrate your shockingly poor understanding of different system architectures.

    You have answered all of your own questions in this video. You just don’t want to believe the answers. Your solution is also simple – wait for GT6 on the PS4. If you can’t wait, buy it on PS3.

  11. rafael fagundes says:

    I probably would say GT5 sucked if i didn’t have felt it on my G25. There’s a big evolution on physics and handling, but for anyone who play it only with a gamepad it’s natural to dislike the game.
    I hope GT6 can be so good as GT4, talking about tracks, UI, musics and more.

  12. rod abmrd says:

    I bought a ps3 for gt5 and was completely disappointed! 1st the prologue bullshit + wait 3 yrs for full game to come out!! a LOT of the cool cars from prologue did not carry over!! then it was a half ass job not all the cars are premium (interior view). I will buy a ps4 for gt6. I hope Sony does not let me down!! I lived every gt (1,2,3,4 & 5) i feel they owe it to all GT fanatics. The best GT experience was first from gt2 to gt3 and then from gt3 to gt4. it was a big leap forward. GT5 SUCKED!

  13. rafael fagundes says:

    I’m very glad that they are making GT6 for ps3 because it shows they care about us, they want to give the best possible on ps3 before going on ps4.
    It would be better for sony if GT6 was made for the ps4, can you imagine how many people would buy a ps4 just for GT?
    Many people got disapointed about GT5 and that’s why they are working hard for a GT6 on ps3, we deserve that.

  14. kamisakea says:

    It will never be a simulator. It’s a wannabe. Heck, I don’t think it even wants to be one.

  15. kamisakea says:

    You have low standards. Gran Turismo 5 runs at more or less 1280×1080, which means it is NOT real 16:9 1080p. (16:9 1080p would have to be 1920×1080) so it looks pretty fucked up in your “plasma” screen.
    Not to mention, plasmas are horrible. And they consume a lot.

  16. kamisakea says:

    He used a computer, smartphone, tablet or w/e to post that comment. So I guess he’ll use that.

  17. NanoSaibou says:

    ill see

  18. plouka100 says:

    i will buy ps4 the next year this year is fucked up BF4 on october and few months after ps4 BF4 WTF?!?! i will not buy 2 copies i prefer to get the DLC of BF4 on ps3

  19. plouka100 says:

    finally i find ps3 youtubers

  20. Midstr8 says:

    SO you miss watching a cinematic?

  21. ARXXIII says:

    sad to say my days of buying new ps3 games have come to an end (aside from the last of us that is), i’ll just put it on my ever growing ps4 wish list…

  22. Hello6761 says:

    Since I have no plans to buy a PS4 PS3 it is.

  23. WildSpartanz says:

    Did your mom tell you to do that?

  24. twichy12295 says:

    …………….i shampoo my hair twice

  25. serwin98 says:

    I know Kazunori said something about a Gran Turismo release for the PS4, but he never mentioned it being Gran Turismo 6. The Gran Turismo he mentioned is most probably Gran Turismo 7.

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